Sequel Set for Batista’s Marvel Movie


PWInsider is reporting that “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which is scheduled to be released this summer and feature WWE Superstar Batista as Drax the Destroyer, will have a sequel released in 2016.

Currently, May 6th, 2016 is the release date being discussed for the film.

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      • How can disney invest in a sequel to a film that has not profited one cent yet. They are making a big assumption seeing as until about a year ago I never even heard of the franchise, and I used to collect comics.

        • Guardians is a fun franchise regardless, especially the Raccoon character. Remember that Disney has already seen the nearly-finished product, so they must have confidence in it for a reason. Also note that the recent Marvel movies are interconnected, and the stories build to a payoff, e.g., in the Avengers franchise. They must need an extra Guardians movie to add to the story arc.

          • obviously marvel’s plannin’ ahead, since this is part of the infinity gauntlet storyline they’re buildin’ up.

    • It’s Disney man what do you expect. They’ll pump out sequel after sequel even if they suck just to make a few more $$$. I can see why they already have a sequel approved though. Aside from a few flops the Marvel based movies tend to do quite well and are usually pretty good.

    • the first one hasn’t even been released yet. it won’t be out til august. it’s gonna be part of phase 3 of the mcu.


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