Seth Rollins King-Slays Rumor That His ‘Curb Stomp’ Finisher Has Been Banned Again


The Kingslayer is apparently in the business of slaying false internet reports, and he’s just taken another victim — this time in the form of a bogus rumor that his Curb Stomp finisher has been banned again.

The rumor was born out of speculation following Seth Rollins’ most recent match against Dolph Ziggler on Monday Night Raw, where he finished off the former world champion with a top rope superplex transitioned into a picture-perfect Falcon Arrow.

Ben Kerin of Wrestling News Source then claimed he had been told by “an insider source” that the Curb Stomp had once again been banned, due to “an issue with the network”.

There WAS a time period where Rollins was not allowed to perform the Curb Stomp on WWE television, but that mandate came straight from Vince McMahon himself. It is extremely rare, if not altogether unheard of, that the USA Network or its parent NBC Universal would involve itself with that sort of WWE programming decision.

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The Kingslayer has used a wide arsenal of “finishing moves” since making his way up to the main roster as a former NXT Champion. From the Curb Stomp to the Ripcord Knee, to the Pedigree, a devastating diving knee strike, and now the Falcon Arrow, it would seem that Rollins is a master of putting his opponents away with a seemingly endless array of killer maneuvers.