Seth Rollins Reacts To RAW ‘Attack’, WWE Exec. Sells Stock


— Michael Cole told viewers last night on Main Event that Kane was the person responsible for placing the cinder blocks at ringside on on RAW, which were later used against Dean Ambrose by Seth Rollins. In an interview with, Rollins spoke about the attack.

He said: “They call me the ‘Architect of The Shield’ for a reason. I put everybody together and was responsible for all the faction’s success – as well as the success of Dean Ambrose. Now, I am the one who has has torn it apart. On the other side of things, there’s Director of Operations Kane, who has been around a long time and is also very smart. You put a mind like [his] with a mind like mine, who knows what could happen. So, when it was the right time, the cinder blocks were revealed and the plan played out perfectly.”

— Michael J. Luisi, the president of WWE Studios, recently sold 7,500 shares of his WWE stock. He sold the shares at an average price of $14.00, for a total of $105,000. he currently owns 90,928 shares of WWE stock, currently valued at $1,272,992.

— The following was sent out today…

Kamala Speaks, by James “Kamala” Harris, with Kenny Casanova

Retired WWE Wrestler Kamala launches Kickstarter for autobiography after losing legs to diabetes.

James Harris is a former WWE headliner. As “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala, he wrestled for 30 years everywhere against Hulk Hogan and every major star of the 80s and 90s. He was one of the most terrifying and unforgettable wrestlers of all times. At 6’7, 385 pounds, this big man was known for wearing tribal face paint, white stars on his chest and a yellow moon painted on his belly. As a credit to his portrayal of this character, he was truly believed by fans to be an uncontrollable, dangerous monster. In his scariest match ever, however, he recently lost both of his legs to diabetes. Fans also never heard Kamala speak, until now…

LOCATION: Living in a small humble home in Mississippi, the former world wrestling superstar has, become mostly a prisoner in his own home, but remained active building furniture from his wheelchair. Now, he is releasing Kamala Speaks with help from ghostwriter, Kenny Casanova of Albany, NY.

BOOK INFORMATION: The book’s Kickstarter campaign aims to do two things: 1) Print A High Quality Book to offer wrestling fans a highly-awaited autobiography from a wrestler who never spoke in the ring, and 2) Raise Funds for a man who can no longer work by providing a product fans would really want.

WHAT’S IN THE BOOK? : It’s an easy-to-read 350 pages paperback, with 125 pictures (B&W and color), and 20 plus pages penned by other wrestlers. Rather than to have to choose which of the many forewords submitted for book, we decided to print them all; Jim Ross, Mick Foley, ICP’s Violent J, Jerry Jarrett, Bill Watts, Chavo Guerrero & Koko B Ware. The rest is a humor-filled, behind-the-scenes “tell-all” story of survival – a look at how James Harris overcame obstacles in and out of the ring like dealing with the murders of family members, bouts with racism, and losing his legs to diabetes.

PRINTING INFO: The book will be self-published to help create more revenue for Kamala. This is actually good because this means nobody is telling James Harris what he can or cannot say. It’s projected release date is the Fall of 2014, probably October.

CONTACT: For info on interviews, Kickstarter or anything else related Kamala Speaks, contact ghostwriter Kenny Casanova at [email protected], or call 518-506-3305.


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