Seth Rollins Speaks Out – ROH Alumni In WWE, The Shield’s Split


Seth Rollins recently spoke to Xfinity Comcast, here are the highlights…

On wrestling with ROH alumni in WWE: “It’s just cool to be where we’re at together – myself and Daniel and Cesaro and Sami Zayn down in NXT. It’s just cool to be a part of this company knowing where we came from. Things move by so quickly up here, sometimes it’s hard to stop and smell the roses, but there are specific moments in time when you are able to look at things and reflect and be proud of where you came from. “WrestleMania 30″ was a great night for Daniel Bryan, and I was real proud to be a part of that and be there with him when he came back through the curtain and share a little bit in that moment with him.”

On the end of the Shield: “Yeah, it was certainly a nerve-wracking experience, just because change is always difficult, no matter what the scenario is. Watching the replays of it over the past couple of months – and the internet memes, as well – it’s a surreal type of moment where you’ve got one chance to capitalize on everything you’ve worked for for two years. If it doesn’t go as well as you had envisioned it, you don’t get another shot, so you’ve got knock it out of the park. Swing for the fences, if you will. Pun intended.”

On Dean Ambrose: “Dean Ambrose is a strange case. He’s definitely a guy that marches to the beat of his own drum. He does that in the ring and outside of the ring. I traveled with him for two years – he’s very aloof, he’s prone to getting lost or being forgetful. But when it comes to what we do in the ring, he is some sort of savant, because he’s ultra-talented in the ring. A talent like that doesn’t come along very often, someone who can really captivate a crowd with their voice and their movement, and he’s pretty incredible. I’m looking forward to getting in the ring with him. I don’t really know how to combat his chaotic style, but I think we’ll figure something out.”

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