Seth Rollins Unleashes Hell on the WWE Universe After Joining Forces with AOP


Welp. Seth Rollins is working with AOP after all.

The Kingslayer has been baiting Kevin Owens into a trap for weeks, claiming to have nothing to do with the weekly beatdowns delivered at the hands of former NXT Tag Team Champions Akam and Razar.

This of course led to Rollins driving KO’s skull into concrete this week on Monday Night Raw, with an absolutely brutal Curb Stomp. You would think, at some point people would learn not to trust this dude…

Rollins then marched back out into the arena and delivered a scathing rant against the entire WWE Universe, blaming them for turning on him despite the fact that he ‘fights through injuries” and has done everything to “stick his neck out” for WWE time and time again.

“In 2019, what is good enough for you people? I beat Brock Lesnar not once, but twice, and brought the Universal title back to Raw for you – and that was still not enough! Your negativity has become a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that has turned your fiction into fact.”