Several New Challengers Emerge For Samoa Joe’s WWE U.S. Championship


Regarding the United States Championship, WWE may be preparing for some kind of multi-man mayhem at the upcoming Stomping Grounds pay-per-view in two weeks time.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, reigning champion Samoa Joe was the special guest on a heated episode of MizTV that quickly turned into an all-out brawl – as these things tend to do on WWE television.

Before the champ and the A-List Superstar could come to blows, they were interrupted by a pissed off “Monster Among Men”, Braun Strowman, who expressed interest in chasing the U.S. title following his win over Bobby Lashley at Super Showdown last week.

This of course brought out Lsahley, who was followed by both Ricochet and Cesaro – those two have been going back-and-forth with great matches on Raw for weeks now – at which point the obligatory brawl actually took place. This led to a six-man tag team match, with Ricochet picking up the victory for his team with the 630.