Several WWE Stars Comment on People Who Say Wrestling Is Fake

– To promote the upcoming tour in Abu Dhabi, recently spoke to several WWE Superstars on topics such as fans behavior, life as a wrestler and more. They also talked about people who say wrestling is fake:

Brodus Clay: “I love it when people say WWE is fake, it makes me laugh. You know, when you see Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bruce Willis in Die Hard on the screen, no one says: ‘It’s all fake.’ You believe that he’s The Terminator and he’s beating up all the people. You know, I still go to a movie and think Darth Vader is a real dude.”

Titus O’Neil: “You think it’s fake? If I pick you up and slam you into the ground, you’re going to feel it. If you get hit in the back with a chair, you’re going to feel it. You can’t fake that stuff. We’re trained professionals. I think of myself as an entertainer, but I’m definitely an athlete, too.”

Booker T: “Every fan that comes to a wrestling match, the majority know what it’s about. You know if you go to watch a movie, sometimes you find yourself clapping or cheering the characters on, even if you know it’s not real and they can’t hear you. If you go to a sports match, it could be a really dull game. But with WWE you know every match is going to be the highest form of entertainment.”

The Miz: “If you know the answer, why would you ask? Most people treat it as a movie or a theatre show. It’s as simple as that.”

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  • alexx52

    Excuse me!!! Vince McMahon said it was fake. He said you guys are performers not wrestlers. It is performance entertainment. All of the winners are decided before the match (entertainment) begins.

    • jshane1991

      yeah, they are decided, and i know that it is entertainment, but how in the blue hell can you fake a slam to the ground? or a chair shot? i dont care what people say you cant fake stuff like that. and if its fake how do they get injured? why does it take all hes got for hulk hogan just to get up in the morning? why was hbk out for 4 years with his back? im not trying to be a smart ass, or start an argument, im just stating my opinion.

      • Mr. Baker

        People just want to be douches when they harp on what you said…Fakeness didn’t end Droz’s career back in the day.. Fakeness didn’t break Austin’s neck or end the Hitman’s career…Yes ppl the results of the matches are scripted and “fake”but then injuries aren’t…You telling me that when Sid broke his leg in half during the match that was a prop?? It takes balls to be a wrestl..erm..sports entertainer.

  • Louisa Baton

    When people say fake they mean the outcome is predetermined. They know the physicality and the actual work is real but it would be nice to let people wrestle clean for a change. Let’s see who really has it and who could use the training. I know that in a real wrestling match Curt Hennig wouldn’t lose to Hulk Hogan. I would have loved to have seen Kurt Angle vs Curt Hennig.

    • Thysmic .

      wrestling hasn’t been clean since the circus/carnie days near the turn of the 20th century

      • Louisa Baton

        College and amateur is real. The Olympics is real. You don’t have to be so stringent about it though. They can add things here and there but let it be resolved in real form.

        • Thysmic .

          yeah they are,but you specifically cited pro wrestling in your post. Pro wrestling has been staged nearly its entire existence.

          • Louisa Baton

            I know but I said they’d do a lot better having a match or two that was a battle. They can have shoot conversations so why not a shoot match?

  • Timothy Graham

    It’s snobbery. Ridiculing a form of entertainment to feel superior, that’s all it is.