Shad Gaspard Fundraiser Reaches Goal In One Day Thanks To Major Donations


As previously reported, a GoFundMe campaign was recently created for the family of Shad Gaspard following the former WWE Superstar’s tragic passing earlier this week.

The campaign looked to raise $100,000 to cover the family’s bills and expenses in the aftermath of Shad’s death, as well as a college fund for his 10-year-old son. As it turns out, that goal was actually met in just ONE DAY thanks to some incredibly generous donations.

Numerous wrestlers and people within the industry sent in significant amounts for the Gaspard family, including Cody and Brandi Rhodes, Natalya, Court Baeur, Kazarian and Traci Brooks, Rusev, Ricochet and Ryan Barkan of Pro Wrestling Tees.

Chris Jericho donated $5,000 to the campaign, while AEW President Tony Khan, the CAMEO group, and entrepreneur Jas Mathur all donated $10,000 each. Shockingly, the final $40,00 that put the fundraiser over its goal came from a single source – a mysterious account named “CTC RIP”.

While this has not been confirmed, it is rumored that “CTC” is a reference to the short-lived “Cryme Tyme Cenation” team-up, and that the donor is none other than John Cena. Again, at this time that is considered just a rumor, albeit a very plausible one.