Shane Helms Reveals His Chokeslam Was Vince’s Idea, Talks Seeking Permission For It


Fans will all fondly remember how The Hurricane used to use the Chokeslam as a finishing move as it always created a great pop. During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Shane Helms revealed that using the move was an idea that came directly from the top.

Helms spoke about how it was Vince McMahon who encouraged him to use the move, and he then stated he sought out permission to do it from the three men who were also using it at the time.

“The edict came from Vince. He wanted a finish to a cruiserweight title match with Tajiri. I believe Tajiri was the champion. The match was Tajiri, Billy Kidman and me. One of them was the champion and I walked out as champion. The finish was chokeslam from Hurricane and it came from Vince. I never hit it before. I just came from a time where you don’t steal people’s finishers, especially that’s on the show. If it’s something from like Mexico, then it’s a little more open. You don’t go do that [to someone from the same show]. I think that’s something that’s hurting the business. It’s not something that’s going to kill it, but it’s definitely something that’s hurting it. If you’re creative enough, you should be able to figure something out. Out of respect, I wanted to go to the Undertaker. I asked him about it. He didn’t give a sh*t. I went to Kane, same thing. Big Show wasn’t there that day, but when I caught up with him. I explained my situation and he didn’t care. Every one of those guys were super cool about it,” Helms said.

Helms went on to state that if The Undertaker hadn’t given him permission then he simply wouldn’t have used the move.

“If Undertaker wouldn’t have been cool with it, I would have had to go to Vince. Undertaker was cool. He even joked about it, saying, ‘Just do it better than Big Show,’” Helms said.

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