Shane McMahon Acknowledges Real-Life Issues With Vince, Talks WWE Return, ‘Taker


Shane McMahon appeared on The Michael Kay radio show on Friday to discuss his return to WWE television. Here are some highlights:

-Shane acknowledged real life dissension with his father in recent years.

-The main driver in doing the match is the chance for his children to see him compete live for the first time.

-Shane’s childhood idol was “Superstar” Billy Graham.

-Mr. Fuji convinced him to do his first wrestling move when he was 8.

-Any behind the scenes involvement talk won’t happen before WrestleMania.

-The Undertaker has been one of his closest friends for the last 25 years and it s a sense of pride for both of the to put the greatest match possible at WrestleMania 32 in Texas.

-Shane has been doing three training sessions per day since the summer to get in shape for surfing with his sons.

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