Shane McMahon: Worth The MONEY

Shane - SD Live

Shane McMahon – SD Live ( (2017)

Shane McMahon has a long history in WWE, and for the most part, he is appreciated by the WWE fans. However, since his return in 2016, Shane has seemingly been lumped in with the “part-timers” clang by some fans and critics. And it is clear to see – some people are unable to appreciate the great things Shane is doing for the WWE.

In recent months, reports have come out revealing certain wrestler’s salaries. The so-called “part-timers” like Brock, Undertaker, and Shane were very high on that list. It is believed that Shane made over two-million dollars from WWE in 2016, and he only wrestled two matches that year. also released an article titled “5 Reasons WWE No Longer Needs Part-Timers”, and in that article, they mentioned Shane McMahon as one of the stars WWE no longer needs. There is certainly some merit to that argument, as building younger stars is more important than relying on older ones. However, Shane is doing exactly that. Shane is helping build the stars of tomorrow.


While Shane may not wrestle regularly, he is still performing nearly every week as Smackdown Live’s commissioner and doing a very good job at that. But when Shane does step in the ring, he always delivers.

In his first match back, Shane went one on one with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. A match many fans were critical of, but it ended up being a match that captivated the entire world. Shane’s incredible leap off the top of the Hell in a Cell made everybody’s jaw drop, and because of that – all eyes were on WWE.

Shane also joined Team Smackdown in WWE’s annual Survivor Series match. Shane’s involvement made the match even bigger because of his star power and status in WWE, but he also left as one of the MVP’s of the match. It was capped off by him taking an incredible mid-air spear from Roman Reigns, which also gave Roman an incredible moment that he can add to his career highlight reel.

Classic Storytelling

Despite some of Shane’s great in-ring moments, Shane’s best work since his return has come in his storylines with AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. Two separate storylines that have not only taken an old-school approach by building slowly but have also put the spotlight on the young superstars.

In his rivalry with AJ Styles, the seeds for the match were planted months before Wrestlemania. As each week passed, tensions between the two grew, and the story was so strong that it became the number one focus on Smackdown. A feud with Shane McMahon – gave AJ a much bigger spotlight than had he been a part of the WWE title picture at this year’s Wrestlemania.

The match between AJ & Shane also silenced a lot of critics, as they put on arguably the best match of the entire show. As we speak, Shane is looking to repeat his great work with AJ, but this time with Kevin Owens.


Shane v Kevin

Shane v Kevin – Hell in a Cell 2017

The story between Kevin and Shane has once again been built over a long period of time and has also given Kevin the main event storyline on Smackdown. This has also led to Kevin Owens having a memorable in-ring segment with the chairman of the board, Vince McMahon. If this is not elevating Kevin Owens, it’s hard to think of an angle that will.

Kevin and Shane are set to add to the legacy of Hell in a Cell on October 8th, as their match is sure to be a crazy and highly entertaining one for fans. Just like AJ, Kevin is also set to get a big win that will help elevate his status in the WWE.

Is Shane Bad?

Due to the fans newfound perception that “part-timers” are the evil of the wrestling world. It is hard to argue with fans that certain “part-time” performers are good for WWE. However, Shane’s track record has shown he can add to big shows in a very positive way, and his focus lies in helping the stars of tomorrow.

While I do not need to see Shane McMahon main event Wrestlemania against Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE championship – having him wrestle a younger star in an entertaining program, once in a while, is certainly not a bad thing. One thing is for sure; Shane has certainly proven himself worthy of the money WWE pay him.

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