Shawn Michaels Comments on Wrestlers “Coming Out”

TMZ caught up with Shawn Michaels in Los Angeles this weekend and asked him for his thoughts on Darren Young “coming out.”

The WWE Hall of Famer joked that being a gay pro wrestler is a very “1980’s” thing to do and said even though coming out was a huge deal for Darren Young, it’s not a big deal to him or anybody else in WWE.

Embedded below is footage from the encounter with the gossip website.

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  • Jay

    Shaun is very religious soi understand how we would not be to thrilled about this.As a country we must respect people’s feelings if they are pro or not against gay lifestyle

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    We all know Shawn really hates Young because Young bought Shawn’s personal Playgirl stash…………………… That wasn’t a gay crack, I have not beef with gay people