Backstage News on Shawn Michaels’ In-Ring Return & Current Plans for WWE Crown Jewel


In case you missed it, The Undertaker made a rare appearance on Monday Night Raw last night to officially announce that his brother Kane will be in his corner at the upcoming WWE Super Show-Down event in Melbourne, Australia.

The Deadman will of course face Triple H in what is being billed “the last time ever” for the two living legends, and the decision to bring in Kane for the bout was announced to even the odds, as WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels will be corning his long-time best friend at the show.

It has been widely speculated, as we reported mid-last week, that this seemingly odd matchup is only taking place to set up an even bigger match when WWE returns to Saudi Arabia on 11/2, which until last night had still not been officially confirmed by the company.

While it was assumed that an all-star tag team match was slated for the card, Dave Meltzer confirmed on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that the plan is in fact to bring Shawn Michaels out of retirement at WWE Crown Jewel, and he will indeed be teaming up with Triple H to take on the Undertaker and Kane, the Brothers of Destruction.

The main reason, and perhaps the only reason that this alleged DX vs. Brothers of Destruction match is happening, is that the Saudi Arabian officials in charge of putting on the show, have an extremely dated knowledge of wrestling.

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It was widely noted during the original Saudi supershow, the Greatest Royal Rumble, that officials had asked for names like Yokozuna and Ultimate Warrior, who have obviously been dead for quite some time. That’s what The Undertaker was booked in a major match on the first show, and names like Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross were flown in to work the pre-show.

While Michaels has been publicly against coming out of retirement for years now – essentially since the day he retired – it wasn’t until early this year that he “convenient” came around on the idea, explicitly stating that if he did, it would have to be some kind of tag team match.

A major factor is that WWE is making so much money off this show, as they are being paid tens of millions of dollars by the Saudi Arabian government as a part of their working relationship, that the paydays being offered to top talents (Lesnar, Michaels, Undertaker, etc.) are likely so enormous that they would have to be insane to turn them down.