Shayna Baszler Still Hoping For A WrestleMania Moment


Shayna Baszler was a recent guest on WWE’s After The Bell podcast where she reflected on WWE WrestleMania 36.

Baszler challenged Becky Lynch for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship on the show, which took place at the WWE Performance Center with no fans. When reflecting on the moment, Shayna admitted it’s the biggest match of her career, but she still wants a WrestleMania moment.

“That’s the most important match of my career that I’ve had thus far. Obviously, title match at WrestleMania – it doesn’t get bigger than that. But I still feel incomplete,” Baszler admitted. “I haven’t had my WrestleMania moment. At the time, everyone’s calling their family and it turns into a 30-minute discussion about the pandemic and this virus.

“And we understood the value in putting on a product where for three hours, two nights in a row, people didn’t talk about that. And they were like, ‘I hate this person.’ Even just for a glimpse of a window, we give people something else to to have their minds on. So we got that; it was a very important in that sense. But I don’t know– it’s hard. There is a magic that’s missed about it not being 80,000 people, and a roaring crowd, and all that.”

When asked who her dream opponent would be at a future WrestleMania, Baszler admitted she doesn’t care who it is, as long as its a title match.

“I think I’d be faking it if I told you anything other than I want to have a title match at WrestleMania like I did [this past]year, but I want the real WrestleMania this time,” Baszler stated. “Everybody’s got the same limbs, and limbs all bend the same way. So the person behind the body parts doesn’t matter so much.

“Anybody that holds the title, regardless of what personal feelings people might have behind the scenes or whatever, can go in the ring. So whoever it is, I know we could put on a banger. I’ve spent this past year being kind of lucky where I’ve been able to show a close-up of what I’m about in the ring, and by then, people should know. So hopefully I get a real WrestleMania moment.”  (H/T to for the transcriptions.)