Sheamus And Cesaro Talk Teaming With Big Show, On Possibly Changing Their Tag Team Name, More


SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions, Sheamus and Cesaro recently spoke with The Mirror to promote WWE Survivor Series and teaming with Big Show.

On teaming with Big Show:


“One thing that has eluded us since we made this swap from Raw, to SmackDown, has been the SmackDown titles and the fact we won them is all we’re concerned about right now. Allegiances come and go in the WWE, but all I’m concerned about is being able to use this threesome to make us as good and as memorable as possible.”


“People never thought that Sheamus and I would be teaming for that long. You know, we’ve been friends with Big Show for quite a long time actually – the last European tour we were on, just over a year ago, we started calling him the Dark Lord. He was reading a book.”

Possibly changing their name:


“I think it’s fun for people to speculate what the name is. I think the best stuff comes organically, otherwise, you get weird names. We’re going to wait and see what happens. I don’t know if Show-Bar will stick. I hope not!”


“They don’t even call us The Bar on TV! [Booms introduction] ‘It’s Sheamus and Cesaro!’ I told them, call us The Bar!”

On the recent Brothers Of Destruction return:


“I think with DX and Brothers of Destruction it’s decades they’ve been together. On and off, they’ve come back, they’ve feuded and broken up and come back, I think this is really our first run. The thing about me and Cesaro, is that we both have strong individual personalities.

“We’ve achieved a lot on our own, and together we have more chances. They’ll come a time – I don’t want to say we’ll go stale but…. we’ve won four Raw Tag Titles and one SmackDown, literally five in two years.

“There’ll be a time when there’s a singles run again but we’ll always come back and that’s what will create our legendary status. At the moment you see us every week on TV, but when Taker comes back or Shawn [Michaels] comes back, or The Rock comes back, it’s special because you don’t see those guys as often, it’s every once in a blue moon. When you’re there all the time, people see us and just accept that it’s the norm.

I think what really makes it special is when you come back and we’ll always come back to The Bar. The Bar will be there forever. Not right now, but in the future you’ll see our iconic status. Better than DX and the Brothers of Destruction.”

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