Sheamus says todays WWE athletes are superior than Attitude era: “doesn’t even come close”

Sheamus recently spoke with Sun Sports UK about various topics. During the interview, he was asked why WWE is better than it has ever been. He noted that the level of athleticism has evolved so much since they watched as kids and that the athletes that WWE has now are far superior to anything that we had the 1980s or the 1990s. He said that if you look back at the Attitude Era and the level of entertainment they put in the ring now, the Attitude Era doesn’t even come close. “I’m not afraid to say that either. You watch some of the stuff Cesaro does in the ring; with his size, the way he moves around the ring, the moves he hits, the way he picks up guys twice his size. It’s just a different level.”

When asked about finding success with Cesaro, he said that they wrestled each a lot of times over the years and had their best of seven series. He noted that they are well aware of each other’s offensive moves and how each other wrestles. “I think the great thing about our tag team is that we’re two different individuals. We’re not conforming to each other. We have our own identities, so it’s easy for us to go off and do singles stuff.” He said that tag teams of the past have been a unit but the fact that they are not a unit and that they have their own strong identities, is what makes it work because they’re competing against each other too.

I think he has a point. The product was much hotter at the time and the storylines were more adult-oriented but there were oftentimes when we’d see matches that would not hold up to what the wrestlers do today. Today it’s more about what you can do in the ring than being a big muscled up guy.

You can read the entire interview here.

  • perhaps more athletic but that doesn’t mean they can tell a story worth anything
    the writing may not be good but the characters are worse in some cases