Sunday, November 18

Sheamus’ Six Minute Chest Workout, Watch the Full Matt Hardy – Bray Wyatt Raw Video, Carrie Fisher a New Day Fan?


According to a new report posted over at Uproxx, “Star Wars” movie legend Carrie Fisher, who passed away one year ago this month, might have been a fan of The New Day.

The report notes an auction was recently held for items in the actresses kitchen following her passing, and amongst the items on display was a box of New Day’s Booty-O’s cereal. The entire collection of kitchen items sold for between $300 and $500, and you can check out a photo at this link.

WWE has released the entire video segment from Raw this week, featuring the debut of “Woken Matt Hardy”, and the bizarre exchange between Hardy and Bray Wyatt. Following Raw, Matt Hardy continued his feud with Wyatt, sentencing him and Sister Abigail to “deletion”.

Watch the Full Matt Hardy – Bray Wyatt Raw Video

The segment was met with much praise from fans online, and you can watch it in full below:

Sheamus’ Six Minute Chest Workout

Below is the latest edition of Sheamus’ “Celtic Warrior Workouts”, featuring the Raw Tag Team Champion demonstrating a six minute chest workout:

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