Shelton Benjamin On His WWE Return, And Teaming With Chad Gable


SmackDown Live superstar Shelton Benjamin recently spoke with about several things, including what it was like to return to WWE after being away for seven years, and what it’s like to team with Chad Gable.

Shelton on returning to WWE:

“It’s all kind of surreal, and I don’t feel like it’s hit me yet. Since I left the WWE, I moved to improve myself as a performer and come back. I really didn’t expect it to take seven years. So, it’s been a long road and I’m still trying to get used to it. It’s all very surreal. Being back with WWE is an emotional high and a professional high. So far, so good.”

Shelton on teaming with Chad Gable:

“Without a doubt. Chad is a great athlete, just like Charlie. Before I even get into that, though, Charlie Haas is, to this day, still my best friend. He’s my brother. We talk all the time. WWE created family when they put us together. We worked hard together and he helped push me. When you insert Chad Gable, obviously, there is going to be the comparisons to Charlie. I don’t like to make that comparison because they’re two different people. This isn’t The World’s Greatest Tag Team, this isn’t American Alpha — we are something completely different. But, obviously, there are similarities. They’re both tremendous athletes. They both have great drive, and even in the past couple of weeks I’ve seen Gable show signs of the intensity that Charlie had.”

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