Shine Wrestling: Shine 17 Results (Shine Tag Team Champions)

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Shine Tag Team Ttile Tourney BrackettSHINE Wrestling presents SHINE 17
February 28th, 2014
Ybor City, FL

Commentators: Amber Gertner & Lenny Leonard

Match 1: Made In Sin vs West Coast Connection

After a good back and forth match, AK & Taylor Made hit the 7 Deadlies on Su Yung for the win. Su looked a little loopy after the match was over but hugged Tracy Taylor. Su showed a LOT of aggression here and I almost expected a heel turn after this loss, but it didn’t happen.

Match 2: SNS Express w/ Nevaeh vs MsEerie

End comes when CVE almost hits the ref for a DQ, but MsChif stops her which leads to a bit of arguing back and forth before the Kiss My Ass/dropkick on CVE win it for SNS Express. Lots of good submissions here by MsChif. Probably MsEerie’s best SHINE showing to date.

Match 3: Legendary (Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine) vs Buddy System w/ Daffney & Kimberly

Top hats and crazy outfits all over for Buddy System. Hosaka throws Thing out of the ring and Kimberly almost cries from the trauma. Wine & Hosaka working a really old school match and beat down on Solo for most of the match. Good spot using the tag rope to choke Solo. Hosaka and Wine beat down more of Kimberly’s thing dolls. This allows Heidi to tag in and get the win after Daffney used the brass knucks behind the refs back. Gotta say, I didn’t expect much from this match and Hosaka and Wine exceeded all expectations. They really worked well here and the match just flowed nicely. Kimberly was fantastic in the Buddy system’s corner and her concern over her Things really was a funny touch.

Match 4: Kimber Bombs vs Lucha Sisters

Mia/Leva wearing Luchamania shirts ala Hulkamania. REALLY good match here with Cherry Bomb and Kimber Lee talking tons of shit. Really fast paced back and forth match. Lots of good double team spots too. Mia with a package piledriver on Kimber Lee for the win! Match of the night up until this point. Cherry Bomb especially stood out, not only for her good wrestling, but her trash talking all during the match just put it over the top. The matching gear on both teams was a nice touch. I hope to see much more of Kimber Bombs in the future, be it in SHINE or anywhere else.

Match 5: Serena Deeb vs Angelina Love is down completely, site and all right now. Was down for a couple minutes. Comes back in the middle of the Love/Deeb match with Deeb in control. Angelina hits the Botox injection but April Hunter distracts ref. Serena goes for spear, but misses Love and knocks out ref. Love hits a 2nd Botox injection but ref is still down. April Hunter with more distraction and Serena spears Love for the win. Made In Sin, April, and Deeb attack Love after the bell. Buddy System make the save, which leads to..

Match 6: Buddy System vs Made In Sin

Seven Deadlies on Solo Darling sends Made in System to the finals. SNS Express hit the ring and attack Buddy System after the match. Lucha Sisters make the save which leads to…

Match 7: Lucha Sisters vs SNS Express

450 splash from Mia on Jessie Belle wins it for Lucha Sisters. Really solid work from all 4 here. Nevaeh continued to make her presence felt in this match. Lots of cheating behid the ref’s back. Something needs to be said for Sassy Steph here. While she doesn’t have those stand out qualities that the face of a company usually has, she is completely solid and helps make everyone around her better. You never see her make a big mistake. I really feel she doesn’t get enough credit as a wrestler. She’s the glue that holds her team together.


Match 8: Mercedes Martinez v s Ivelisse Velez. SHINE TITLE MATCH

Ivelisse wins with a Code Red. Fantastic technical match. At one point Mercedes hits a Fishermen Buster, but Ive got her foot on the rope at the last second. One of SHINE’s best title matches ever. Valkyrie hits the ring after and attacks Ive. Mercedes hits the ring. FACE TURN! They shake hands.

Match 9: Lucha Sisters vs Made In Sin TAG TITLE MATCH

Leva & Mia win the titles after a Lionsalt by Mia on Allysin. Havok was at ring side and took out Taylor Made and April Hunter which allowed for Mia to win it for her team. Surprising finish somewhat with the babyfaces coming out on top. Made In Sin was really the first established team and with Ivelisse as the main champ, I thought Made In Sin would get the belts. But, this helps continue the Havok/AK feud which is fine by me. I suspect Serena Deeb is going to get her match vs Ivelisse sooner rather than later.


No announced date for SHINE 18 was announced, but I suspect it will be in April during Female Fight Season.

Overall, a solid SHINE. In fact, possible the most complete SHINE show to date. No bad matches. Only a small minor glitch with the website during Deeb/Love but that was fixed rather quickly. Stream was solid all night and looked great. Crowd was into every match. Even with Santana gone, no Amazing Kong or Havok matches, the show was well worth the money to see. Will be fun to see who challeneges for the tag titles first. The roster is really coming together. The one thing I can say is all the girls on these shows work really hard and the product is consistantly upping its game with each show. For fans who are not into women’s wrestling that much, its a great way to start. The talent is there. The storylines are there. It’s easy to watch every month via

Thumbs Way up for SHINE 17.
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