Show and Henry Team Confirmed, New Name for Primo & Epico, Belding

– Mr. Belding of Saved by The Bell fame was sitting in the crowd for tonight’s WWE RAW from Anaheim.

– As noted, Primo and Epico are being re-packaged with a matador gimmick. A vignette that aired on tonight’s RAW revealed their new name will be Los Matadores. It said they will be coming soon.

– Big Show confirmed on tonight’s RAW that he and Mark Henry will be challenging Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for the WWE Tag Team Titles soon.

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  • Mr. Sinister

    Somewhere Tito Santana is doing a huge face palm. Los matadores?? wtf

    Show/Henry vs Shield. Sure why not…..they aren’t doing anything else.

  • Action Movie Fanatix

    Do they have matadors in Puerto Rico?