Sid Vicious Speaks Out – WWE Return, McMahon/Bischoff, More


Former WWE Superstar Sid Vicious recently spoke with Wrestling101 regarding his WWE return and more. Here are some highlights:

Having worked for Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff, how would you compare your two bosses?

I thought Eric was a pretty cool cat, working with Eric was very fun and the atmosphere was great whilst working for Vince it was all about the finer points of the business.

You’ve returned to WWE television leading into Raw’s 1000th episode in 2012, what was it like being back on TV?

For me that was a personal victory, after my injury, that isn’t the way I wanted people to remember me leaving the industry so it was nice coming back to the WWE around Raw 1000 and working with Heath Slater.

Who are some of the guys you enjoy watching these days?

To be honest with you I never watch TNA, and in general I don’t really watch a lot of wrestling anymore. Some of the guys I’ve enjoyed watching coming up a little bit are the Wyatt Family, and Bray Wyatt, Mike Rotunda’s kid. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but Vince has tried getting that character to work on at least two other occasions. Another guy I really like is Jack Swagger, I think he has got every tool there is. He has got such a great look and he seems to be one hell of a talent, but if he could just push out a little charisma then he could be a real star.

You can listen to the interview at

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