Silas Young On His Real Man Gimmick’s Origins, His Drugs Battle & His Son Joining The Business


Ring Of Honor star, Silas Young recently spoke with regarding his career, getting into wrestling and his son joining the industry.

On his Real Man Gimmick Origins:

“The Real Man thing came about as a nod to my father and just how guys are nowadays,” Young said. “The whole Real Man thing comes about as basically if our fathers or grandfathers looked at how men act nowadays, they’d be ashamed. Men of today are not the men our fathers were or our fathers’ fathers were.”

His drug battle:

“I had a pretty normal life but at the end of high school and out of high school, I got into drugs a little bit. More than a little bit, to be honest,” Young said. “I was doing dumb crap I shouldn’t have been doing.”

His son joining the industry:

“When Jack was really young, I didn’t want to be one of these dads who pushes things on their kids. My wife is a big wrestling fan as well. So we’ve always had wrestling on at home and he’d come and peak in a little bit but it wasn’t until a couple of years ago when he started to really get into wrestling. Now he’s a huge fan. He watches all of the YouTube videos on it, he does stop motion videos with his figures on his iPad so he’s super into it and thinks it’s pretty cool. Since I started running my own independent shows here in Milwaukee and now every month when we’re talking about the shows, he keeps trying to get me to book him on the show. I’m like, ‘You’re 9 years old, dude. You can’t wrestle on these shows.’”

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