Sin Cara Comments on Injury, Vignette for Los Matadores


– Embedded below is the first vignette for Los Matadores.

– Sin Cara commented on his dislocated fingers, writing on Twitter, “Pues gracias a dios q solo se dislocaron los dedos y ya nos volveremos aver arriba del ring ALBERTO DEL R?O”

This message translates to: “Well thank god for only dislocated fingers and as we ring back above over ALBERTO DEL RIO”

Here also posted a photo of his taped up fingers, which you can see below:

Sin Cara s Fingers

EXCLUSIVE: His Time is Up, Their Time is NOW….


  1. on tv you really could not see how he did it. at first i thought it was a shoot because the ref did not give the x sign.

    • There we go again… another smart looking for an X sign because of course that’s what they do when a talent gets hurt, right? I hate smarts…

      • Watch the match again because the “smart” was right to look for the X because the ref put the X up. I hate people who think they know it all when they clearly don’t…

        • Sin Cara is a bumbling idiot. He botches even his ring entrances. All I saw is all I saw. Sin Cara should be Sin Trabajo (without work) soon, hopefully. And again, I direct this to the smarts… SHUTUP and just WATCH the DAMN SHOW.

  2. Los Matadores looks like a cross between Chico Santana and Aldo Montoya, the “Portuguese Man O’ War” maybe chico will become the manager and teach them the flying jalapeno

    • HAHA! I loved it every time Jesse Ventura called Tito Santana “Chico”. And then McMahon would say “it’s not Chico, it’s Tito.” Awesome that you brought that up!

  3. If you watch again the Ref did give the signal when he’s on the floor, pay attention and stop b*tching about other people

    • F*** off, Rob. Obviously you don’t have any respect for this thread. Lay off, bury yourself in a ditch, and be done with your atrocities.

  4. The post translates to “Thank God the fingers are only dislocated and we will see each other in the ring again, Alberto Del Rio.”


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