Sin Cara Injured on Tonight’s Raw Episode


According to PWInsider, Sin Cara broke his fingers in his right hand. It all went down when he went to dive to the outside of the ring onto Alberto Del Rio on tonight’s episode of Raw.

Cara connected with the dive and immediately upon landing, called for the referee as several of his fingers were obviously out of place. If he broke his metacarpals, he would require surgery and have to go through grueling physical rehab.

Major Spoiler on the New Los Matadores Team….


  1. Listen Tripple H, I think it is time to just admit that your pet project has failed and just move on. Mistico aka Sin Cara is better off being let go and you should pay for his flight back to Mexico where he can truly shine as the Luchador that he is….not everyone can be a Rey Misterio Jr and adapt to the WWE style of wrestling. He made some good money and he should quit before he seriously hurts himself and he can no longer compete.

    • even if he didnt get hurt alot or was the best lucha ever he still doesnt belong in wwe hes appealing to a diffrent crowd who want someone who can for one speak english lol you need more then in ring skill to be a star. i like him when hunico was in the mask cause he has swagger and mic skills hes the mexican they should be pushing

  2. that dude has spent to many years flying around and also really hasnt been the same since his first serious injury in wwe. hes been hurt alot in his career flying around so much its just like rey it catches up with you all lucha are like that after awhile

  3. The problem with Sin Cara is that very few people in WWE know how to work with a true luchador. Rey Mysterio’s style is very WWE-ized now. Sin Cara has not yet adapted his style and it’s causing his opponents to miss opportunities to help keep him safe.


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