Sin Cara’s Injury Not That Serious


Sin Cara’s injury at Monday’s was apparently not as serious as reported. He already returned to action at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings and defeated Damien Sandow in a dark match to open the show.

Here is a photo before his return match that he posted on his Foursquare account:

Sin Cara at WWE Tapings

The Bella Twins Showing Off Their Twin Magic….


  1. i knew it wasnt bad yesturday when said he only hurt it not broke it and it was only 1 finger cant believe i got that on before here.

    also consider this i understand why del rio was mad…. sincara got his match on live tv in front of millions stopped because he hurt his finger… release him.. hes most likely going to lose any respect he had in that lockeroom.

  2. Sin Cara is just in WWE because he needs the money to keep his gym afloat in Mexico City. Though there was a lot of buzz when it first opened interest has since dwindled. It has to be said that he is even losing fan support in Mexico for his comments on CMLL’s new Mistico as well as his own inability to become a star in the WWE.

  3. He doesn’t have a lot of wrestler of his style in the WWE anymore. Where are the highflyiers? Bring back the cruiser weight Vince!


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