SmackDown Social Media Score, WWE 2K14 Review, Kane Appears on Podcast


– Embedded in the video below is footage of Kane’s appearance on the Tom Woods podcast. Kane talks about his libertarian background and other political topics.

– Friday’s SmackDown scored 58,197 in social activity and ranked #3 in cable TV Friday night.

– In the entertainment section of Friday’s New York Daily News they featured a review on the new WWE 2K14 video game. The review earned a two-star review and recommended the game for fans who want the same game every year.

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  1. its pretty pathetic these people choose to review video games when their this bad at it.. It is most certainly NOT “the same game” its far better than last year. The pinning system is perfect this year. in WWE 13 you could hit literally 100 finishers and never get a 3 count. Now, one finisher and theirs a GOOD chance your gonna get a three. theirs many other upgrades like this that make it EASILY the best game in the series, PERIOD.


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