SoCal Val’s Pre-trial Conference Scheduled

Former TNA Knockout SoCal Val pleaded not guilty in writing back on September 16th to the DUI-related charges against her in Florida. Her arraignment set for the next day was then waived.

A pre-trial conference is scheduled for October 7th. The written plea included a request for the video from her arrest. Val’s has hired a well known area attorney that specializes in DUI arrests.

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  • Ace Jorkel

    Gosh man damn Frick I miss Val. I hope she can get rehab real quick and soonest as possible. I love this chick had a simple crush since I’ve seen her. To quote an ignorant fool knockouts are much better than divas in talent and looks.

  • raul cruz

    Was it too much to plead guilty and pay a fine?

  • Ralph Ramos

    My favorite know knockouts are Mickey James and Gail Kim. These girls know what they’re doing in the ring and make the matches fun to watch.

    • Jay

      Mickey James is no longer with TNA.Sorry to break the bad news to yiu

  • Ralph Ramos

    Sorry. Well, that’s a shame. I admired her work. She was one of the few knockouts with real talent.