Solomon Crowe Officially Debuts at WWE NXT, AJ Grants Her First Wish

– WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee granted her first individual wish through Make-A-Wish at Monday’s RAW. She met nine-year old Heidie, who was dressed like AJ. Here’s a photo from their meeting:

– Solomon Crowe, the former Sami Callihan, officially debuted at last night’s WWE NXT live event in Tampa, Florida. He lost to Xavier Woods.

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  • alexx52

    Why does every wrestler need a fictional name?

    • Jay Lukas Belangia

      So that the WWE can trademark it. This way, if the wrestler ever leaves the WWE then they cannot take their ring name with them.

      • Trey

        Kinda like Mandingo…his real name is…?

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    Any parent that lets their 9 year old dress like that is dumb. And who the hell is Solomon Crowe

    • Joshua Nixon

      Sami Callihan is Solomon Crowe

      • Matthew DeAngelo

        Who’s Sami Callihan

  • alexx52

    Xavier Woods used to be Consequences Creed who used to be
    Austin Watson. His own mother does not remember his birth name any more.