Sonjay Dutt Discusses GFW’s ‘AMPED’, Netflix, & More


Sonjay Dutt spoke about the status of GFW’s AMPED and more. Check out the highlights:

On where people may be able to watch AMPED: “Great question. I wish I had a definite answer to give you but I don’t. Shopping a television show around for 52 weeks is probably not the easiest thing. Most TV shows are seasonal and only require a commitment of 12-13 weeks. Depending on how long the season is. We are asking for 52 weeks of first run television which is what people in North America are used to in a pro wrestling show. It’s a different task. It’s a hard task. I think that we are making some inroads. We are making some progress. We’ve literally had meetings every week for the last few weeks with various networks. We are very close to finalizing something overseas. I think that once we can make those announcements people will kind of get a better grasp and idea of what it is that we are trying to do. ”

On how many episodes of AMPED have been filmed: “More than 15 at this point.”

On the pros and cons of distributing a wrestling show via streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu: “One of the cons I think right off the bat is the binge watching. If a consumer is sitting there watching twenty episodes of AMPED in one day… that’s it. Then they’re done with it. We can’t penetrate that consumer going forward. Whereas with an episodic platform we have the consumer every week for one hour. We can tell our stories. We can show exactly what it is that we have to bring to the table. Whether it be merchandise, live events, etc etc etc. If you’re watching it on a Netflix style platform you could go through all of those episodes in one day. Then you would be completely done with the product. Television shows that are on Netflix, it’s a completely different animal. Their revenue isn’t going to come from any other avenues. Like a live event. You aren’t going to go to a live event for Breaking Bad. You just watch the TV show and you are done with it. ”

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