Southern Premier Wrestling 5 “Tomorrow Never Dies” Results From April 13th In Selmer, T.N.

Southern Premier Wrestling

“Tomorrow Never Dies”
April 13th 2013
Selmer TN National Guard Amory
Bell Time 8pm

Southern Premier Wrestling was happy to present SPW 5: Tomorrow Never Dies to a very loud and very happy crowd at the National Guard Armory in Selmer, TN. People filled the Armory and were treated to a night of great action, fun, and surprises.

Nick Grymes came to the ring to start the show and stated his frustration with SPW Management and C.O.O. Kellen James, citing a lack of big matches fitting a talent such as his. He asked for anyone to come out and face him, and was shocked when “The Real Deal” Neil Taylor emerged from the tunnel. Grymes and Taylor renewed their near-decade long rivalry in a great match that saw Taylor notch the victory with a surprise School Boy cradle.

The second match of the evening saw Matthew Felix Nigel Taylor, accompanied by his WHT OUT mentor Shawn Reed, square off with Austin Carrier. After several chances for capitalization from either man, Carrier finally seized opportunity–literally–as he swept Taylor into his “Tornado Alley” Swinging Side Slam which picked up the win, much to the displeasure of Shawn Reed, who chastised his young apprentice after the loss.

We were soon greeted by Grady Watson, who came to the ring to discuss his client Michael Gilbert’s suspension, and noted that after his return, there would be hell to pay for all who cross him.

The evening’s third contest was supposed to be a Singles Contest for Number 1 Contendership to the West Tennessee Championship between “The Magnificent” Reno Diamond w/ Michael Ward and Josh Matthews, but the former West Tennessee Champion J-Money had something to say about that, as he inserted himself into the match, making it a Three-Way Throwdown! The match was filled with high flying, brutal action, but came to its’ conclusion after Matthews had Money hooked for his patented “Go to Josh,” but the ever-crafty Diamond ran in and performed a perfect School Boy Cradle to pick up the victory and the Number One Contendership.

The fourth match at SPW 5 was a Singles match between Christian Shane and WHT OUT’s Andrew Palmer, who have been near constant rivals since SPW’s first show. The two men had a hard-hitting contest which saw Shane reverse the initial locking of Palmer’s Package Piledriver into his own “Lightning Spiral” move which dumped Palmer onto his head! The severe trauma was enough for the three count and the victory for Christian Shane!

Su Yung came to the ring to discuss her future in Southern Premier Wrestling, but took a turn for the worst as she began bullying SPW Ring Announcer and Hostess Katelynn. Anita Paige would have none of this, and ran to Katelynn’s rescue as Yung fled…or so Paige thought. Yung hit the ring and jumped Anita, pounding her over and again with fists before dropping Paige across her back with the vicious “Oh Snap!” backbreaker. Not finished even then, Yung went under the ring and pulled a wrench, striking Paige across the abdomen multiple times before being restrained by officials as Paige was helped to her locker room.

The Semi-Main event of the evening saw West Tennessee Champion Rickey Smith defend his championship against Shawn Reed of WHT OUT. The match, which was an SPW Classic, saw dozens of brutal maneuvers from man-to-man including vicious clotheslines and Powerbombs onto the Ring apron, but saw its climax as a miscommunication from Matthew Felix Nigel Taylor and Shawn Reed led to a crucifix pin from Smith to retain his championship! After the match, Reed again yelled at Taylor, who appeared shocked his plan to help Reed did not come to fruition.

The main event of the evening was a contest between friends and rivals Cody Dean and SPW Southern Heavyweight Champion Cory Daniels for the most prized Championship of SPW. Daniels and Dean pushed one another to the very limit before what some may call a technicality based solely on the wear and tear the two had put themselves and each other through saw Cody Dean deliver a sinister German Suplex which, at the VERY last second, Daniels slipped out of, unbeknownst to Dean, leaving his own shoulders to the mat for the three count. The two men shook hands after the match, but were attacked by the suspended Izzy Rotten and Nick Grymes before Neil Taylor ran to the ring for what we assumed was the save before he joined Grymes and Rotten in attacking the champion and his fallen rival before ripping Daniels’ tee shirt and spitting on his prone body. After the viscous assault on Daniels and Dean, Neil Taylor announced at SPW 6 he would be facing Daniels for the Southern Heavyweight Title.