Speculation on Batista and Austin Returning for WM, Undertaker’s Health


– Batista is not returning to WWE any time soon and if he did, it would be in early 2014 for WrestleMania season. One person close to Batista notes that he’s not going to return at all if he’s got anything going on for early 2014 with new movies, because that’s his line of work and priority now.

– The Undertaker is currently recovering from shoulder surgery and will not be at SummerSlam. It’s doubtful he will be back until his usual pre-WrestleMania return. Taker’s shoulder issues are said to be pretty bad at this stage of the game.

– WrestleMania XXX would mark 11 years since Steve Austin last wrestled a match. WWE has interest in Austin working the event, if he wants to work it and can get medically cleared. There has been an idea discussed for Austin vs. Triple H with the control of WWE at stake. Austin would be representing Vince McMahon.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


  1. Yes Joe your right also if he did we know the result as well because with the McMahon and triple h storyline in the end of it’s Triple h that wins the power Battle virtually putting the win on hhh at mania if it was to come off


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