Speculation on Cena, Backstage News on AJ’s Injury and Alliance with Tamina


– WWE creative’s inspiration for the new Tamina Snuka and AJ Lee partnership is the 90’s team of Diesel and Shawn Michaels.

– Speaking of AJ, we noted before that she was sent home from Monday’s RAW due to concussion-like symptoms following her match at Battleground. AJ informed officials she was having problems remembering the match against Brie Bella on Sunday. Apparently the injury came when she hit her head hard on the turnbuckles. A few people at RAW noted that she was in rough shape earlier in the day. AJ was scheduled to face Kaitlyn on last night’s RAW from Pittsburgh.

– John Cena’s return at WWE Hell In a Cell came as a surprise to most people at last night’s RAW. There was a feeling among some that Cena might not wrestle and his return being announced is all part of an angle.

New Plans for The Shield, Major Angle Planned for HIAC, Backstage News on Cena’s Return, More…

Partial source: PWInsider

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  1. I think Cena was asked to come back mainly because Vince knew that his last 2 PPV’s sucked overall in quality and that his golden boy, Cena would recitify that loss. As much as people hate John Cena, he is entertaining to no end. I really hope Cena does come back, because situation with World Title has really been stupid.

    • I saw Summerslam. Cena was on it. It still sucked. Does Vince plan on having Cena at every match at HELL IN A CELL? It doesn’t matter wether or not Cena is in a PPV if most of the other matches are the usual kind of stuff you find on SMACKDOWN or THE MAIN EVENT. I’m still shaking my head as to why AJ vs the Bella Twin was on the Battleground card. Axel vs R-Truth got boring real quick. Even Ryback vs CM Punk failed to deliver. I guess even Punk can’t carry everyone through a good match. But then again many of these problems are the result of building up just one guy [ Cena ] and overhyping guys who are part timers now [ Undertaker, Brock, The Rock ] while forgetting to build up the other guys on the roster so the audience can have an emotional investment in them. Why should I care if Kofi is on a ppv if WWE doesn’t treat him like a big deal?

    • How is Cena entertaining? He’s entertaining if you’re 10 years old maybe but the majority of the viewers aren’t kids so….

    • no no no. wwe doesnt need cena..wat are you on? ppv wouldnt be better wit cena, wat crap people like you are destoryin wrestlin

      • allan I have known you for a while on this board and you know i respect you, but be honest, were you not bored with last two PPV’s.Old School WWE is was not only about the wrestling, it was about the mic work. There are perhaps three active members of the wwe roster that can actually have go mic work with their wrestling skill and one works part time, referring to Brock Lesnar of course, and than there is CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio has some good mic skills but they took that away when they took away his cars, and then there is John Cena. Randy Orton used to have good mic skills but that has gone down. Anyways its all good

    • what about the fact that their ratings have been steadily going down ever since Cena joined the WWE to the point that their now about 1/10th of what they were in the attitude era? You seem to be confused as to what “entertaining” means. A wrestler who literally loses you fans is not “entertaining”. Its a little something called bad press, and the WWE had too much of it in the 90’s with the steriods, court case against Vince and so on they decided to take it in the “safe” and un-enteraining direction of John “I say one liners from 80’s movies and the children are too stupid to realize what’s going on” Cena. Really Cena? “the champ is here”? Oh, I didn’t realize Muhammad Ali was in the crowd…
      “Come get some”… John Cena is so pathetic that he’s using phrases that are so corny and old that their part of Duke Nukem games… Duke Nukem being a character that was designed to make fun of cliche American culture in the 80’s and 90’s.. Real cutting edge stuff Cena. PATHETIC

        • And you Idiots couldn’t live without Stone cold could you. Just because you don’t like him because because he actually can make a good match. Look at the last PPV YOUR Favorite champion Cm Punk couldn’t make the match with Ryback. But when Cena did it he sold it well same with Henry. You can say that Cena is so American well I hope so. You can say that his Clich? are amercian culture from the 80s but what isn’t. Lets see YES YES YES or NO NO NO that’s the 60s or its clobbering time that’s 80s, Ryback rules 80s, Were here 80s What that’s late 89 early 90s from the people who are hard of hearing yeah so dumbasses your clich?s bs don’t make sense. Its all not real at this point its been done at one time or another. Just because Cena stuck with his gimmick and refused to be what you want him to be and he is about the Children reah he brings the familys and the childrens to the WWE that brings cash not just you.

          • its not about “cash” you soul-less loser. Its about professional wrestling.

            And don’t try to type in English if your unable to do it…


            My promo is better than yours. I guess we know your a legitimate Cena fan.


          • No kidding like I don’t no that but If you lose out and your money goes dry you lose your product right Themans. No not really I understand I also understand that its about Professional Wrestling I been to over 175 different wrestling shows I know I am a fan but Its to put on a good show I seen Cena live 7 times and its Wowing No I am not a fan of him I think he is good yes. Try HBK, Mark Henry, And Drew McIntyre. Stop telling me how to spell that not about wrestling you douche. and maybe I don’t have a soul you will never know will you. and you say DONE what are you some kind of a white rapper cool you must be someone I must listen to.

          • I have been a fan of professional wrestling since Wm 1….Maybe longer, I have seen every single click and cliche come and go. Seen the only legitimate make to be wwe womens champion, Harvey Wippleman to Brother Loves debut with his I LOVE YOU. I lived through the National of Domination with the rock to first DX with chyna to chyna being IC champion. Cena is one faction, but he is the only faction at the moment that can bring in numbers that Vince wont cringe at. Cena was expected to not come back to Royal Rumble but wwe’s last two ppvs brining very low numbers and many asking for refunds, Vince had no choice to call Cena back from his “Hiatus” I respect that you dont like John Cena but dont knock for the countless others who do like him.

          • Whats with the name calling? Get over it, he campy and for children..that’s a fact! may be you like the fruity pebbles and his commercialism..thats fine, but don’t get upset when you hear the truth..After ten years HE NEEDS TO CHANGE..I’ll take anything..but he needs to change..maybe you like being spoon fed the same crap over and over, a majority do not..So relax with the name calling fanboy and act your age..
            Secondly,comparing stone cold to cena is apples and oranges..Stone outdraws cena 10-1. When WWE was at it’s pinnacle, ratings and ppv buyouts are nowhere near that time..and seriously if think cena can carry a match stop calling your yourself a wrestling fan, you make the rest of us look bad..

          • Your right buy rates will never be probably never be the same like they were the Stone cold Era they also didn’t have the likes of a good Wrestlers they did back then. Cena has changed his name many of times he was known as The Doctor of Thuganomics were he was a rapper. He was a heel at the beginning of his career and it didn’t work so they made him a Face. Your the one who act like Cena is poison to the WWE he has only help it yeah maybe your Favorite wrestler hasn’t gotten much time but just remember he helping a company. And why does he need a change what does he need to do go out in a leather jacket with a hoodie and tell Steph he going to bring her to her knees or is he going to kick a make a wish child act like ADR or Randy Orton? I do think Cena can carry a match and he isn’t even my favorite wresters! I not a wanna be B**** Boy.

          • “B**** boy” lmao The Irony!!

            Your defending this generations Hulk Hogan while simultaneously trolling PW boards..what happen to hustle,loyalty,RESPECT?

            Yea, he was a heel for a little while then got the push of a lifetime and has been the same BORING GIMMICK since. That’s one time, not many times.(learn to count) I never said John Cena was poison, just that he needs a gimmick change bc his gimmick it old and stale.Those are the facts little man, learn to deal with it. Your hero is for children and they all grew up. All but you it seems..

            P.S. learn to speak English, your insults might be taken more seriously..

          • If its not broken don’t fix it. So I will admit it I am defending the generations of Hulk Hogans so what don’t like it there is a door for one person gone there is at least a family of 3 to 5 getting on board. He does have Hustle loyalty Respect. He bust his ass for this company and for what you want him to turn heel because you think his gimmick is stale and boring do you know how much the WWE does in promotion work and what he does with the And if you for got what Hustle Loyalty Respect its

            Hustle to do it fast

            Loyalty not to turn on your Friends

            Respect give respect to others and others will get respect back to you.

            Fine if you think that my hero is Cena that’s fine you cant read other lines when I said My wrestlers are HBK, Mark Henry, Drew McIntyre and the long time Greg the Hammer did I say any thing about being a fan of Cena. No! Do I think Cena is Helpful but needs to help push the younger guys which he will.

            Ok on the other subject with P.S. “Learn to speak English” Well I am going to be polite with this I do speak English I am from Minnesota. I know Shocking isn’t it. Know I am going to write this back CLOSE YOUR DAMN MOUTH WHEN YOUR TYPING YOUR COMPUTER IS TELLING ME IT SMELLS LIKE KITTY LITTER. Oh its learn to Type not Speak English and if your not on a your asking about wrestling and about my spelling you must be Webster’s Dictionary. Don’t tell any one how to spell on these boards this is a wrestling boards go to a museum with that crap if you want to be a professional.

          • Your not worth the time, you obliviously can’t read..Everything I said went right over your head lol..I had no idea Minnesota had such terrible schooling.. How can you be such an imbecile yet have internet access? lol

          • LOL, wow you spoke English!! Here’s a cookie, I’m sure wading through the shallow end of the gene pool can be exhausting..

          • C’mon Rerun You can do better stop it if you think your right go for my throat. C’mon every thing people read is old no wonder people is sorry for your dumb ass. So you think your Mr Sandow and start talking down to people. Here you go Did you know that Verne Gagne Finsher was A Gagne sleeper. Knowledge is power! He is from From Robbinsdale Minnesota. And that Mark Henry in real life holds powerlifting records and he is clean wrestler.

          • Shouldn’t you be voting for Tom Emmer right now? Lmao.. You backwoods inbred’s are fun..Only in Minnesota can you vote for a congressmen and get your remodeling done at the same time..rofl..

          • WOW that’s what you have on me don’t you realize that Minnesota is a Democratic state that was a fluke. And that doesn’t have nothing to do with wrestling plus you still didn’t get me. You know I am right your just afraid to type to every one that I am and I understand. Here is another Fun fact The Midnight Rockers I hope you know who they are if you don’t well here is a history lesson its Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels and they won the AWA World Tag Team Titles it was in Jan 1987 I got to see it live Knowledge is power. Cmon you can slam me better that time I almost was like damn thay know some thing but they keep on bringing politics into this its wresting forum buddy your in the wrong room you need to New York Post or something like that this is Prowresting .com

          • ROFL!!!
            “WOW that’s what you have on me don’t you realize that Minnesota is a Democratic state that was a fluke”

          • Oh yeah Josh Minnesota a republican state I forget Josh knows all. Even if the Governor is the highest power in the State you need house of reps and the Senate the Democratic party has been the majority party in this state for since it started. Oh S*** head you still don’t want to talk wrestling theres the NEW YORKER why are you still here s*** stain.

          • lol, its so funny that you can’t communicate without insults.. The last bastion of the ignorant.. Less wrestling more education Mr.backwoods.. Grammar is your friend.. My dog has better communication skills than you do. I can only imagine how ignorant your children will be with a father like you..PLEASE consider a vasectomy, for the sake of us all..

          • Your right you win I am out I am just going to say this Cena is a good wrestler that deserves the title shot yet he didn’t get a return fight with Daniel Bryan. Cena is helps the WWE bring in the small crowds and the women which is about 45 percent kids and women and than you probably have 15 to percent soldier and family love Cena. That makes up 60 percent. I thinking that’s why WWE is not going to change Cena image even if you think its stale like Hogan’s in the 80s. Like I said I am not a Cena fan I a WWE fan and my wrestlers were Valentine, Shawn Michaels, Mark Henry, Drew McIntyre. I sorry I let this go on this far I realized that working at Homeless Shelter/Soup kitchen. I am sorry again for wasting your time I am out. One last thing I do Hope Kofi does get a chance at the ADR title.

          • S*** man,what country you from, your English f***ing blows! Why the f*** u talkin politics get the f*** outta here with that s*** man. go take english classes u dumb muthf***a

          • I not taking politics I been saying that for how long man I been talking wrestling the whole time except this last time when I had to go to help at the homeless shelter. Man I talk wrestling all day about Cena weather or not I like him I think he is a good wrestler is he my favorite wrestler no is there others that need to be thrown into the mix yes I think Kofi deserves a big shot at a Major Title. I think that Cena needs help some of these wrestlers to help some the next generation wrestlers. Oh if I am going to say this people are typing in there head what they say weather its right or not sorry we know what its meant if your a true wrestling fan you do. If not you are only care about what people are spelling and I can guide you to another room because you must not be a wrestling fan caring about spelling and stuff Oh and I don’t think ” U dumb muthf***a” I wasn’t taking to you lobo I was taking to Josh which I see you could very well be so at this I say good bye.

      • Where are you facts???? Ever since Cena joined WWE, he was not even a main eventer, do you even remember Cena’s first match??? It was against Kurt Angle, an “Angle” challenge, after that was over, than they pitted Cena against the American Bad Ass Undertaker, followed by a feud with Eddie Guerrero, still remember the parking lot match, some classic stuff, til Cena winning his first title which was the US Titlte from The Big Show. It was not til Angle left and than The Rock and Stone Cold left that Cena stepped up and became the face of wwe but that was 10+ years ago, however since attitude era died, so did cena’s popularity, but each and every PPV and show that Cena did, if you look at numbers always been tops, but when he has not been on show, its been abysmal. Anyways I respect your opinion however Cena, until someone else steps up or they bring back attitude era, will not be as popular as he was.

  2. These John Cena haters are so boring. Same thing, over and over again, spouting hatespeech that doesn’t even make sense.

    • Lol, It’s the facts man ,just the facts.. It’s hardly “hatepeech” after 10 years of the same exact stuff over and over and over THATS BORING! His demographic has grown up for f*** sake lol.. Time for change dude, you need to admit that..

      • I would agree it’s time for change if ratings tanked everytime Cena came on the screen. But they do the opposite. It’d be stupid to change Cena. I’m not a smark, so I know that what I want doesn’t matter. I like Cena a lot, but I do agree a change would be interesting. But a change isn’t needed in the slightest. Maybe one will happen, but I doubt it.

  3. ULTIMATELY, I see the Bella’s being used to finally turn Cena heel. Cena and Bryan both win the titles, World and WWE, and go heel telling the McMahonn’s they are bigger than them. So, it might be rogue heel.

    • First of all, Cena is already a heel. Just only to half the audience. Secondly, Cena will never turn heel in the way you think. That’s giving the dumbass smarks what they want, and pretty much nothing the smarks say is worth doing.

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much what I meant by Rogue Heel. Though, you could build tension between him and Bryan and a split in the sisters, one dating the company and one dating the company’s target.

    • There’s one reason John Cena will never turn heel: Merchandise. Cena is by FAR the highest selling merchandise WWE has on their regular roster. If he goes heel, all that money goes away.

  4. The lack of having the balls to even push the other talent is going to lead to the end of Cena’s career and the loss of fans…Does Cena suck?? Yes. But you can’t argue he’s a $$$cow for WWE and Vince. Let’s be honest , the only thing going is the Danielson/ Orton /(Big Show???) angle with HHH/Steph ..and even that is on it’s last legs…IF Cena returns expect Sandow to cash in…

    • Yes I completely agree Someone that sees the light. I think they are just using this Cena thing as a ploy he will the title and then Sandow will use the money in the bank. Cena Just makes Money for the WWE plain and simple he is huge with the familys and kids and they were losing it without him. I lack of pushing other talent is going to cost Cena his career. Because at this point he needs to be like a Jericho as helping others springboard into there careers that goes the same for Punk because of how big he is.


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