Speculation on The Undertaker’s Return, Latest JBL & Cole Show

– John “Bradshaw” Layfield, who turns 47-years-old today, receives the ultimate happy birthday on the latest edtion of The JBL & Cole Show. Plus, Aksana asks JBL a question, Andy Kaufman stops by to say hello and “#CasualCole” does some green screen improv.

– Yahoo! TV UK has published article speculating on The Undertaker’s return to WWE airwaves and what his involvement may be. Sam Moore feels the obvious choice involves the Wyatt Family.

“Bray Wyatt proclaims to be controlled by the Devil and it would make perfect sense if The Undertaker was indeed the higher power orchestrating everything,” wrote Moore. “The move would not only integrate the deadman into WWE’s most interesting storyline but also be a massive boost to The Wyatt Family who desperately need to be made to look as legitimate as possible. This role could also work well for The Undertaker because he wouldn’t have to get physical a great deal, just talk and put over some of the younger guys.”

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  • Andy Thompson

    Yes it would be good but it would make him a heal rather then face. But how would Brock Lesnar finally get involved in the match for mania. Unless Lesnar was to comeback as face and go after the Wyatt family and wins then has to face the leader which would be taker

  • The huntress in the night

    Then Now Forever, the wyatts are the new ministry of darkness and sister abigail was taker’s mom.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Taker’s not behind them…like Andy said it would make him heel and that would make no sense. The only reason for taker to be heel would be if he faced Hogan or Cena at mania (i.e. a streak killer match). You need A HUGE babyface for taker to be heel against otherwise there’s no point. Even though taker being face has ALWAYS been ridiculous lol and I HATE that he will eventually ‘retire’ as a face – it just goes against his whole character…

    • Thetruth

      But if it was Taker vs Cena EVERYONE HATES CENA and would cheer taker anyway

  • themans

    It wouldn’t “make him heel”… are you people kidding… You couldn’t make the undertaker heel at this point if he raped jerry lawler at the announce table..

  • Jason Kim

    Taker comes back to take on Wyatt, devil turns out to be Sting…. Sting vs Taker in Mania … Taker retires …. Sting vs Cena, Sting wins, Sting vs Cena … Cena wins … Sting retires.

    • Victor 808

      What would make sense is for kevin Suillivan to be the devil.

  • Thetruth

    Fact is ( for us who grew up with the Undertaker you will never find anyone who will BOO him unless they are mentally challenged or just flat retarded or a PG ERA BANDWAGON B****

  • GrahamNicol

    Paul Heyman should be revealed as the devil behing the Wyatt family