Speculation on War Games Returning at Battleground PPV


There has been a lot of speculation as to late on whether or not the October 6th WWE Battleground pay-per-view event will feature a War Games like match.

As an indication that the match might not take place, the seating chart for the building doesn’t include a set-up that would accommodate two rings. So, unless things change before tickets go on sale this Thursdays, there will be no War Games unless it’s a one-side-ring style version.

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Source: F4WOnline.com


  1. its like watching two match and one time its stupid and i dont see why anyone would be into it, it was stupid in wcw too.

  2. Do you mean stupid like the Bunkhouse Stampede, stupid like Starcade Chi Town Heat when the event took place in the winter, or stupid like Capital Punishment with dorky RoboCop?

  3. Do you really think the average WWE fan has the attention span to watch 2 matches going on at the same time? No. To top that off, it ruins star power for all the talents.


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