Speculation on Why WWE Ended Survivor Series with Orton and Cena

– Speculation is that WWE did the face-off between World Heavyweight Champion John Cena and WWE Champion Randy Orton at the end of last night’s Survivor Series pay-per-view to build to a WrestleMania XXX match between the two.

This is not confirmed yet but Cena vs. Orton is not expected to take place at TLC or the Royal Rumble.

It was reported via F4Wonline.com last month that Cena and Orton were expected to remain champions at least through Elimination Chamber and would be portrayed as equals. Furthermore, PWInsider reported last month that there had been at least some talk within WWE of doing a WWE Title vs. World Heavyweight Title match at WrestleMania XXX.

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  • Ozzy TYSON

    Ummm… We’re talkin’ about WrestleMania XXX. Why would they waste a title match? And possibly put two other superstars out of matches? Especially since we saw Orton and Cena feud for almost a year straight a few years back? I’d rather see The Apex Predator vs Lesnar – I think that would be a GREAT match. And one we haven’t seen before.