Spike TV Twitter Account Jokes About TNA Wrestling in Unorthodox PR Stunt


The Spike TV social media accounts are having a complete existential meltdown right now, and it might just be the funniest thing on the internet.

Take their official Twitter account for instance, which has been posting passive aggressive (and sometimes just blatantly aggressive) tweets for weeks now, expressing frustration over being “sold” to the Paramount Network. Whoever runs the account has been posting photos of an early “retirement” vacation, trashing parent company Viacom, and has even started sending public resumes to companies like Nickelodeon and MTV.

Earlier today the Spike Twitter began expressing grievances that they’ve been holding in for “the past 18 years”, and some of them are just utterly ridiculous. Caught in the crossfire among other popular shows was Impact Wrestling, which ran for years on the Spike TV network as TNA Wrestling. Check out some of the tweets below.

Now is the part where we tell you the entire thing isn’t actual real…

Spike’s social media “meltdown” is actually all a part of a creative and risky PR campaign by Viacom, who is in the midst of completely rebranding the channel to the Paramount Network. Viacom owns both assets, nobody is getting “bought out” and there’s not some wild, disgruntled employee running rampant on Twitter. Unfortunately.

Adweek broke the news in December that Spike would be launching an elaborate advertising campaign, essentially blaming Paramount for them getting “fired”. They even rented a giant billboard in Times Square and told people to go yell at Paramount Network CMO Niels Schuurmans, who is obviously in on the joke.


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