Spoiler: Former WWE Superstar Debuting In TNA as Ethan Soon


– As seen on TNA TV, they have been airing vignettes for a new character called Ethan. The man behind that gimmick will be former WWE star Derrick Bateman, real name Michael Hutter.

Hutter had a tryout a few weeks ago with TNA and has been signed to a deal. We’ve noted how TNA is looking at bringing in several new talents to the company and Hutter is one of those talents.

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Source: PWInsider

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  1. I’m sorry, who? Ethan? AKA Derrick Bateman? Well, ok. Contrary to the majority opinion, I hope he proves the WWE wrong and I wish him great success.

  2. I have a very good feeling about this guy. Ethan has the potential to become a very big star just like his former fellow NXT alumni Fandango, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reighns, Big E. Langston, The Wyatts and others.


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