Spoiler: New Main Event Mafia Members Revealed

At last night’s Impact Wrestling television tapings, Rampage Jackson and Magnus were revealed as the newest members of the Main Event Mafia group.

The group now consists of Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Magnus and Rampage Jackson.

EXCLUSIVE: TNA Moving In The Right Direction…..

  • allan mccann

    ahh and the mafia was looking good. when was magus world champion? also why the hell is rampage part of one of tna best factions…this is just like the packman jones crap. rampage says he isnt even gonna wrestle untill hes retired from mma, yet hes in this faction, they gonna give him a title too. tna is just like wcw and wwe in this fashion, if they get anybody from anywhere movies,mma,tv etc.etc. it dont matter if your talented.or not they push them. atleast wwe doesnt go to far. although snookie…who has no talent at anything was in wrestlemania a show most wrestlers dream to be part of…is pretty big bulls***

  • Mike Arienti

    Face stables are dumb.

    • allan mccann

      there not if they making one to get rid of another, anything but aces and eights