Spoiler: New NXT General Manager Revealed

The current storyline between the Rhodes family continued at tonight’s NXT tapings.

Triple H came out and announced that he had relieved Dusty Rhodes of his duties as the NXT Commissioner and immediately announced JBL as the new General Manager of NXT.

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  • captainbuck

    Oh man… I smell a 6 man coming up someday soon. Goldust was aces , beat the hell out of Orton .

  • Christopher Pitts

    Negative. This will lead to survivor series. 5 man elm. Cody Rhodes Dustin Rhodes Big Slow D Bryan and possibly Dusty or Zeiggler vs Ryback HHH Orton Big E and one other heel.

    • scott

      Nah, I think it’ll be Vince who’ll come back – as a face.
      Vince, DB, Cody, Show & Ziggler vs HHH Randy & The Shield

  • Rene Ramirez

    still say show is going betray all and vince wrestling don’t see it possible since surgery but a face turn yes dusty the same probably a replacement shawn Michels and probably heel and face turns on ziggler and a shield member