Spoiler on TNA’s Plans for the World Heavyweight Title


– As seen on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, AJ Styles “walked out” of the company with the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

On next Thursday’s Halloween show, Dixie Carter will announce an eight-man tournament to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. The tournament will begin November 7th and will feature Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, James Storm and Magnus.

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  1. How do you spell Boring again? We just had the damn BFG series tournament….

    Wouldn’t it be shocking (gasp!) if whoever won the tournament then had to have some sort of unification bout with Styles?

    There, I just wrote 6 months of TNA scripts.

  2. sounds like bound for glory tournament all over again.
    I have a feeling sting is going try to sneak in there. The who thing with AJ walking off with the title dates back when flair did the same thing WCW belt and showed up at WWF with it. (it would be funny is AJ did the Madusa thing when she showed up on Nitro and dropped the belt in the trash(aj shows up on RAW and drops the TNA belt is the trash)

  3. OMG!! TNA = WWE RipOFF but much s***tier Can anyone say CMPunk angle lol WOW what a ripoff, how sad and funny at the same time

  4. Omg like wwe doesn’t recycle storylines . like punk walking out with title was the first time that happened, that was a good impact you assholes

  5. Hollywood remakes old movies.
    Wrestling uses old story lines.
    After all these years, how many movies (story lines) are new?
    A repeat of a story is new to the people who are new to wrestling.

    • They have been watching the reruns of Global Wrestling Federation on ESPN Classic lol. Just don’t bring back the fireball to the face

        • The Late Great Eddie Gilbert use to use it and I know a few wrestlers back in the day did. They were very good with it but it was still very risky.

          • I’m a chick or a dudette lol. It might look easy but a whole lot can go wrong and that’s why they stopped using it. I’d like to see somje of that innovation GWF had but they were over the top. They had a bungee cord match. That would have ended wrestling if that had gone down wrong.

  6. and let me guess at the last minute AJ will resign after a NEW champ is declared and it will be CM PUNK VS CENA ALL OVER AGAIN

  7. You WWE marks are hilarious. Oh there copying WWE and the Punk Angle. Quit ur whining. If you don’t like it don’t watch. Like WWE has never copied another storyline in fact they just did with the whole corperate angle which they stole from the attitude era,.

    • how is that stealing yea its from the attitude era but it was still wwe so you make no sense. tna is going down hill i see it because they have run out of ideas that they Have to STEAL a storyline from wwe nuff said facts are great

    • Thank you dude all they do is Run this show down when at least its not predicable kids crap like wwe is I can call every show before it happens

    • New characters applied to old storylines with different twists equals a renewed creative interest for the fans. TNA just can’t pull it off because right from the base level (the writers, camera crew, lighting, etc, all the way up to the characters and execution) are piss poor!

  8. That sucks;and spanks of WCW Medusa did something similar with WWF Ladies Belt and her career tanked. They make the title worthless because they won’t let anyone keep it any length of time.

  9. Personally, I’m not a big fan of guys walking out of a company with a belt. It kind of cheapens it. However, I can see where they’re going with this.
    They’re trying to generate interest in the company by having a unification match, which might just work. A match pitting AJ vs Austin Aries would be great. But whoever wins will hopefully gather enough momentum to ride into a super-match that will draw more money.
    All in all, Impact had a good show. The writing was superb (I like the opening where Dixie tried to entice AJ to leave with her on her Jet, funny; plus the comeback of Mr Anderson was done to near perfection), they ran with what happened at Bound For Glory extremely well, and the main event was done really smoothly (You couldn’t tell who was gonna win that match; very unpredictable).
    TNA will be OK. Give them time to figure it out.

      • True that. With UFC’s emergence as a force, they have probably taken a good chunk of wrestling fans with them.
        Is wrestling fake? Of course it is. To me, its like watching a movie; soap operas for men, if you will (And ladies too, if they desire to watch).
        Will TNA survive? If they can get their s*** together and do things the right way, I certainly hope so. 20 years from now, WWE will still be King of the Hill, with others like TNA trying to offer an alternative to them, but still falling short.

        • I don’t know if this will help or not but I heard through a delicious fruit that Jeff is back and he has Eric Bicshoff phoning it in until his contract expires. It was going bad but when they publicly fired Bruce Pilchard after he suggested bringing in MVP that was a kiss of death to me.

          • Good job Louisa. If that’s the case, then TNA is on its way! Bishoff did nothing but make everyone miserable, and another ex-WWE guy wasn’t going to fix anything, but simply but a band aid on the problem.

          • Have you heard anything about Bobby Heenan? I went to his website (gone) and both facebook and twitter and they haven’t been updated since Jan of 2012. I’m worried. It was his birthday yesterday and the wrestling page didn’t mention it.

          • Sorry, I have not. I know he was battling throat cancer. He’s probably alright. He was entertaining to watch. I’ll never forget the angle he was involved in where Andre The Giant turned on Hulk Hogan. He told Hogan on Piper’s Pit “If you don’t believe that, maybe you’ll believe this.” Remember Andre tore Hogans gold chain off (Causing him to on his chest a little bit) and threw it back to him.

  10. This is so dumb. We waited all this time for AJ to become champion, and when he finally does, They are going to have another tournament again? Damn


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