Spoiler: TNA’s Mystery Investor Revealed at Today’s Tapings


– Former WWE Superstar MVP made his TNA debut at today’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Glasgow, Scotland. MVP was revealed as the mystery investor.

It was mentioned that MVP is “the man to change Impact Wrestling.” He came out in a suit with Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards at the end of the show, which will air on tonight’s Impact Wrestling.

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  1. WHY!?!?!? You know if you wanted a really good angle you should have gotten Oprah or Michael Jordan. That’s more believable. He’s a gambler and dropping a few million would be expected. MVP doesn’t have enough money to invest in the company. Oprah has enough money to buy the company and at least you know you’ll get paid.

    • who the f***s wanna see oprah?!! and its a wrestling storyline hes not a real investor its jist a way to bring in talent

      • Ask the millions of people that tuned in for over 25 years just to see her. I know it’s a story line but make it a little more believable.Vince uses Donald Trump and I don’t hear you yelling about that. Maybe I’m mad because I wanted him to be real. Try to feel my pain.

  2. stupid mvp why did you keep lying to us ?! we all knew u were tna bound,he all like if im going to tna u will hear it from me first…lol


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