**SPOILER** Update: Dixie Carter’s Injury & iMPACT! TV Future

Source: The Wrestling Observer


UPDATE: As reported earlier, Dixie Carter was legitimately hurt after being put through a table by Team 3D during a segment taped at this week’s iMPACT! tapings. Some backstage believe Carter suffered some type of back injury from the spot, but that regardless of her physical condition, the spot was designed to remove her character from TV for now. It is now confirmed that following the table spot, she won’t be featured on TV for the time being. That was her official “write-off.”

ORIGINAL: TNA President Dixie Carter was said to have been legitimately hurt after she took her bump through a table during Thursday night’s iMPACT! Wrestling tapings in New York City. According to sources, Carter was reportedly very banged up, even though Bully Ray did everything possible to protect her. Carter received a sit-down powerbomb through a table, similar to a spot he did on Mae Young in the WWE.

Even if she was protected, Carter is not trained as a wrestler. One wrestler reportedly said, “If you aren’t calloused to it, even one bump is going to feel like a car wreck. Of course she got hurt. That was the first bump she ever took in her life.”

Stories from backstage include Carter suffering a concussion and/or aggravated an existing back issue. Multiple sources within the company are claiming it was a legitimate injury for Carter, but there are some who think it is a work to sell the storyline.

Several people in the company were also said to be impressed with Carter taking the bump in order to see the storyline through. The plan was to have Carter’s bump close out the current storyline and write her off TV for the time being. She was stretchered out of the ring after the bump.

Here are some **SPOILER** videos from the TNA iMPACT! tapings in New York City where Bully Ray powerbombs Dixie Carter through a table:

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