Spoiler Update on Plans for Elimination Chamber and Brock Lesnar’s Status

– We noted earlier this week that Christian and Antonio Cesaro earned the final two spots in the WWE World Heavyweight Title Elimination Chamber match next month.

Right now the plan is for Christian to be in the match but his spot was given to him with the idea that if they come up with someone better, Christian will be taken out with an attack and “injury.” Right now no Superstar is booked to take Christian out but there is an angle in place if WWE changes plans.

Regarding Brock Lesnar in the Elimination Chamber match, it was believed he would be there after the hype on RAW and the fact that it’s his hometown but as of Monday, Lesnar is not scheduled to work the pay-per-view. Lesnar has reportedly fulfilled all dates on this year’s contract that expires at WrestleMania XXX. As noted, Lesnar has already re-signed through WrestleMania 31.

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Source: F4Wonline.com

  • allan

    nice cesaro got in the chamber,bout time wwe

    also im sure christian wasnt insaulted with them saying they want to switch him up for someone better…

    • Carter Williams

      It’s just a shame that Antonio won’t win. Maybe after WM and all the bit players leave again they’ll start putting guys like him and Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose, Sandow, Rhodes (Cody) into the title picture properly.

      • alexx52

        All of these guys are to “small”. Vince wants another
        “giant” to be the champion.

        • Carter Williams

          If you look through the history of the company there haven’t been to many “giants” as THE guy. Vince just loves big muscles but that will be harder to find since the ‘roids are gone. There’s Big E but he’s actually quite short compared to a lot of guys on the roster, I think he might even be shorter than Ambrose lol.

          • allan

            ambrose is 6″4 dude hes not short at all !
            lol and big e is 6 feet just like henry who hes a good replacement for when mark retires

          • Carter Williams

            Ambrose just looks short compared to his team mates and it’s the same with Big E. They aren’t short guys but they look it compared to others. All a matter of perception. Bret looked small compared to a lot of guys, when I see him at the gym the guy is big.

        • allan

          cesaro isnt small and vince loves him vince for one is a good thing cesaro not only has the look but is one of the greatest wrestlers wwes ever had. its creative that doesnt like him

      • allan

        he shouldnt win not enough build up but who cares dude atleast hes in main event and the chamber is a great way to make something of yourself, look at santino he got a us title off it and everyone in the ppv were on the feet for him,now imagine that on a wrestler like cesaro

  • Jeff Rittenour

    hahaha – christian has been out with legitimate injuries for so long now he’s gonna get a fake on on top of that 😉