**SPOILERS** More Detailed SmackDown Results


Credit: Mike Carroll and Pwinsider.com

Before the show Daniel Bryan came out as a surprise. He noted someone in the crowd named Dave who he said was his biggest fan and got them to chant his name. As Mike Johnson noted, this was for an antii-smoking PSA. The idea was that Dave the fan wasn’t there because he was addicted to smoking and left to have a cigarette, missing this big moment in his life. Bryan then did a promo for the fans in Jersey, putting over the importance of the fans in this area for his career. He said he would do his best to be back the next time they came here.

The Smackdown taping started out with Seth Rollins coming out for a promo only to be interrupted by Dean Ambrose. Ambrose attacked, Randy Orton came out, then Roman Reigns came out to even the odds and faces cleaned house. HHH came out and made an Ambrose-Orton main event, and warned Reigns if he interfered he’d be pulled from the Battleground main event.

Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio to retain the US Title with the Brouge kick. OK-good match.

The Dust Brothers and Reigns did backstage promos.

Bo Dallas defeated Diego with the Bodog. Short nothing match. Before the match Bo vowed to win the IC Title battle royal for “little Daniel”. After he insulted Torito, then after Torito challenged him he press-slammed Torito. Don’t know if that was just for the live crowd or not.

Chris Jericho came out for a promo. He went into a serious delivery only as a face thanking Bray for reminding him WWE is about survival, then said if you want to get crazy, I can get crazy. Bray appeared on the Titantron and did a response. Then the Miz came out admonishing Jericho for Monday, but when he got to the ring. he ate a codebreaker.

Big E. and Cesaro had a big brawl that the refs broke up.

AJ Lee defeated Eva Marie with the black widdow. Loud CM Punk chant, as well as a you can’t wrestle chant at Eva. Nothing match. After the match, Paige, who was doing commentary, came in and shook AJ’s hand.

They played a video feature on Connor the Crusher with his dad and Bryan. Real emotional and I was fighting back tears watching it.

Damien Sandow came out as Bruce Springsteen playing total face. When he mentioned “Born in the USA”, Rusev came out and destroyed him. Lana did the anti US promo before being interrupted by Coulter and Swagger. The heels backed down and left the ring

Dean Ambrose defeated Randy Orton via DQ when Rollins interfered. OK match mainly worked around Dean’s injured shoulder. At the end Dean attacked Seth Rollins, then a minute later when he went for a dive on Orton Rollins caught him with the briefcase for the DQ. Roman Reigns then came out and hit the punch on Orton, but before he could hit the spear Rollins dragged him to safety. This is where the show ends.

Post-match, the heels come back and beat on Reigns, only for him to make the comeback. Reigns speared both guys and Dean hit Dirty Deeds and the two celebrated afterwards.

Live Notes: The lower bowl was almost completely full and I’d estimate the crowd at 7,000….The show wasn’t that good with little wrestling…The crowd was largely kids….People loudly chanted “We Want Cena” at the end expecting him to come out, so quite a few people left disappointed. I’m assuming having Bryan there was done to do something special because Cena wouldn’t be there.

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