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Ring of Honor

SPOILERS: ROH Steel City Excellence TV Taping Results From Pittsburgh



Ring Of Honor

The following Ring of Honor television results are from the April 13th ROH Steel City Excellence television taping event in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Women of Honor Match
— Jenny Rose def. Lady Frost

— Jonathan Gresham def. Silas Young via DQ

— PJ Black def. Eli Isom

WOH World Championship Match
— Kelly Klein (c) def. Rae Lyn to retain

— The Allure came out to attack Klein after her match.

— Dalton Castle called out The Boys and said he no longer needed them. He beat up The Boys, took their masks and left them laying.

— Mark Haskins & Tracy Williams def. Vinny Marseglia & TK O’Ryan

— Bandido def. Shane Taylor

— Bishop Khan and Malcolm Moses, called the Sons of Savagery, came out and attacked Bandido. Lifeblood tried to make the save but were taken out as well.

— Marty Scurll came out and challenged Nick Aldis to an NWA world title match. Aldis came out and declined to defend his title, so Scurll attacked him and did the broken fingers spot.

— Two unknown local wrestlers had a short match that was interrupted by the Briscoes.

— The Bouncers def. Shinobi Shadow Squad and Coast 2 Coast in a triple threat tag team match

— Josh Woods def. ???

ROH World 6-Man Tag Team Championship Match
— Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, PCO & Brody King) (c) def. Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb & Rush to retain the title. Kenny King came out and attacked Lethal after the match.

— The Briscoes def. Caristico & Soberano Jr.

ROH World Championship Match
— Matt Taven (c) def. Flip Gordon

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Ring of Honor

ROH Wrestling TV Results & Stream (1/18): Dragon Lee Defends World TV Title, Flip Gordon vs Rhett Titus



ROH Wrestling TV airs every Monday at 7:00 PM ET on FITE TV. You can watch this week’s episode in its entirety above. Tonight, Flip Gordon battles Rhett Titus in a Pure Rules match, while Dragon Lee defends the ROH World TV title against Rey Horus in what should be a fantastic main event. 

ROH Wrestling TV Results
January 18, 2021

Quinn McKay has some business to take care of before we can head to the ring. We have updated rankings for the TV title and Pure title divisions. She explains that a wrestler can only be ranked in one division at a time. They are ranked based on wins and losses, as well as the quality of their matches and other intangibles. Wrestlers can apply with management to change divisions.

ROH World TV Title Division
Champion: Dragon Lee

  1. Rey Horus
  2. Tony Deppen
  3. Dak Draper
  4. Kenny King
  5. LSG

ROH Pure Title Division
Champion: Jonathan Gresham

  1. Tracy Williams
  2. Flip Gordon
  3. Josh Woods
  4. Rhett Titus
  5. Fred Yehi

Quinn also informs us that Matt Taven and Vincent from appearing together at ROH events going forward because of the “constant liabilities” including property damage and injuries that occur when they are in the same place at the same time.

Pure Rules Match
Flip Gordon vs. Rhett Titus

Promos run from both men before the match. Titus is furious that Flip Gordon refuses to shake his hand despite the clear rules of the Pure division, and promises to beat the respect into him tonight. Flip mocks Rhett for needing The Foundation to finally find himself, but he still has no respect for him.

When they actually meet, Flip once again refuses to adhere to the Code of Honor. Titus takes him to the mat, Flip takes over and goes after the arm, but Titus traps him in a headscissors with a bit of back-and-forth chain grappling.

We get an old school Greco Roman knuckle lock, which Titus gets the better of. He slaps on a body stretch in the middle of the ring and starts working the abs with elbow shots. Flip breaks free and throws forearms, but is once again trapped in a submission. He reaches out his foot and gets to the ropes to break the hold (Gordon: 2 | Titus: 3)

Flip rolls outside to collect himself, but runs right back into another series of submissions. Rhett stretches him out in a modified Romero Special, floats into a crossface, and Flip is forced to burn another ropebreak (Gordon: 1 | Titus: 3).

Titus is once again right on top of him with nasty elbow strikes before backing him into the corner, stomping a mudhole. Flip catches him with a neckbreaker for a one-count, but more importantly, finally gets a second to breath and get a bit of separation. He hits a superkick to a kneeling opponent and begins to stomp on the knee, trying to create an injury. Titus grabs at the ropes and burns one (Gordon: 1 | Titus: 2).

We come back from a brief commercial to Rhett back in control. He delivers a German suplex with a bridge for a two-count as they pass the 10-minute mark. Titus throws a big boot but get hung up in the ropes. Flip connects with Kinder Surprise to send his opponent to the floor. He may have tweaked his own knee in the process.

The ref begins his count. Flip rolls out and delivers a vertical suplex on the floor, doing some serious damage. The ref gets to about 14 before Flip just rolls in and breaks the count, delivering another kneeling superkick. Back in the ring he talks too much trash and Titus traps him in a half crab on the bad knee. He nearly taps out but instead lunges at the ropes (Gordon: 0 | Titus: 2).

Two minutes left in the match. Titus tries for a suplex but Flip lands on his feet. Thrust kick. Superkick. Flip screams and comes off the ropes with a springboard crossbody for two. His knee buckles and Titus rolls him up with a backslide for a nearfall. They trade pinning combos back and forth until Flip uses a blatant closed fist. Curb Stomp. Flip-5. He gets the win with 13 seconds left.

Winner: Flip Gordon

After the match, Flip Gordon “shakes” a nearly unconscious Rhett’s hand while he’s lying on the mat, mocking him. The announcers really played up the closed right fist and yet another violation of the Code of Honor.

Backstage, Quinn McKay informs Flip that he’s been officially suspended from the Pure Division after the blatant closed fist and refusing to adhere to the Code of Honor, in violation of the rules of the division. He claims “you get one punch” as a warning (technically true, but not really the spirit of the whole thing) but doesn’t seem to care, as he’ll just move to the TV division or find a partner and move to the tag team division.

ROH World TV Championship Match
Dragon Lee (c) vs. Rey Horus

Horus flies through the ropes catching the champ with a suicide dive as he’s making an entrance, rolls him back into the ring and connects with a flipping tilt-a-whirl DDT for an early nearfall.

We come back from break to both men trading some nasty elbow strikes. Horus gets the better of it, ducks a lariat and hits a beautiful Spanish Fly for another two-count. He calls for a Brainbuster but Lee escapes with knee strikes and dropkicks the challenger into the corner, going to work with more furious forearms.

Dragon Lee channels his brother Rush with the bull horns and delivers a hesitation dropkick to the face. He tries for it again but Horus counters with an exploder suplex into the turnbuckles! Both men down.

Lee climbs to the top rope but is caught with an enzuigiri. Horus jumps up to meet him and flips into an Avalanche Spanish Fly for 1… 2… nearfall. He looks for the around-the-world spinning DDT again, Lee counters with elbows and nearly kills him with a snap German suplex. Horus immediately fires back to life, but a huge sit-down powerbomb keeps him down for another nearfall.

A frustrated Dragon Lee goes for the Last Ride powerbomb but Horus sunset flips into a powerbomb to escape. Horus puts him on the top rope and tees off with stiff elbows. Commentary says he’s looking for a “body scissors driver” – I’ll take their word on that because it sounds just insane enough to be true for Horus. Lee fights back with even harder elbows and gives him a double stomp on the top rope. Back on the ground he connects with the Incineration knee strike and it’s over.

Winner: Dragon Lee

After the match, Dragon Lee puts his title belt on top of Horus and steps on them both in an obvious display of disrespect. Commentary is outraged at the lack of class as we go off the air. Tremendous main event.

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Ring of Honor

Ring Of Honor Re-Signs Multiple Wrestlers



Ring Of Honor

Contract season is definitely underway.

Ring of Honor announced on Sunday that “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams has signed a new deal with the company for an unspecified length.

The veteran technician has risen through the ROH roster over the past two years. More recently, he competed in the Pure Championship Tournament, making it to the finals before losing to Jonathan Gresham. He then joined forces with Gresham, Jay Lethal and Rhett Titus as a member of The Foundation.

ROH also announced this weekend that former women’s champion Sumie Sakai has signed a new contract.

Brian Johnson, who competed in the 2019 Top Prospect tournament, Bateman, one half of the tag team The Righteous, and La Faccion Ingobernable spokesperson Amy Rose have all signed new deals as well.

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Ring of Honor

Bandido Signs New Agreement With Ring Of Honor



Ring of Honor announced on Tuesday that Bandido has signed a new agreement with the company, though the terms are currently unknown.

Bandido originally joined ROH in 2018, but has been out of action since February due to travel restrictions. He is one-third of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions alongside Flamita and Rey Horus.

The following statement was posted on Ring of Honor’s official website:

Ring of Honor is pleased to announce that international star Bandido has re-signed with the company.

The announcement comes on the heels of UK star Mark Haskins signing a new contract to remain with ROH. The signings exemplify the company’s commitment to securing the best wrestlers on the planet.

One of the most innovative and electrifying competitors in professional wrestling, Bandido has been with ROH since December 2018, when the sensational luchador was among the hottest free agents in the industry.

Currently a co-holder of the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title with Flamita and Rey Horus, Bandido has not competed in ROH since February due to travel restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Before coming to ROH, Bandido competed extensively in his native Mexico as well as Japan, the UK and Australia.

As noted yesterday, ROH “mutually parted ways” with Marty Scurll.

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