**SPOILERS** TNA Hardcore Justice & iMPACT! Results


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Tigre Uno defeated Crazzy Steve with a La Magistral.

IMPACT Date Unknown:

*TNA Knockouts champ Gail Kim won a four way over Taryn Terell, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love. Highlight was Terrell doing dive off top to floor on all three. Crowd chanted, “Better than Divas” during the match.

TNA Hardcore Justice:

*Bram defeated Abyss in a Stairway to Janice match, which was a Ladder match with weapons. They had barbed wire boards, tables, trash cans, a chair wrapped in barbed wire and more. Bram was busted open early. Bram went for Janice but was chokeslammed off the ladder. Abyss brought thumbtacks into the equation. Abyss sent Bram face first into a barbed wire board in one of the corners. Abyss climbed the ladder but Bram shoved him off and Abyss was sent off into another barbed wire board. Bram retrieved Janice but before he could use it was hit with a Black Hole Slam into the tacks. Abyss grabbed the board but Bram kicked him in the nuts and nailed him with Janice and pinned him.

*EC3, Rockstar Spud and Rhino came to the ring. He was upset that the fans liked that Dixie Carter was put through a table. He said that he was thankful Kurt Angle had him arrested because he had a moment of clarity and realized that what happened was all Rhino’s fault. He ripped into Rhino who told him he was looking at a dead man and a bitch of he keeps talking. Rhino told him to shove his money up his ass. EC3 slapped him. EC3 attacked him and tossed him into the railing then beat him down in the ring. Spud tried to stop it but was shoved down. EC3 laid out Rhino and left alone. Spud left alone as well, not knowing what to make of what happened. Good mic work from all involved.

*X-Division champ Samoa Joe pinned Low KI with the Muscle Buster. Very good, stiff match.

*I Quit match: Mr. Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw. They brawled out on the stage. Gunner came to ringside, upset over the situation. Anderson made him tap with an armbar. Anderson and Gunner went nose to nose after.

*The Hardy Boyz came out. Jeff Hardy said they reunited because it was the right place and time and the fans wanted them back together. He said they’ve had some great matches against some great teams but they have to do better. He said they have an idea on how to take things to the next level and invited Team 3D to come down. 3D did. Bully Ray said they were the guys who put Dixie through a table. Ray said they have created history together and they are two of the best tag teams in history. Ray said he knows they are on a mission to become the TNA Tag Team champs but it would also be kind of cool if they went into the Hall of Fame as champs. He called out the Wolves. Eddie Edwards said they were two of the greatest teams in the history of the business and that’s what they want to be. Richards said if they want a shot at the belts, they can have it anytime, anywhere.

*Six Sides of Steel to determine number one contender for TNA championship. MVP cut a good promo before saying whoever wins has already lost because Bobby Lashley is at the top of the food chain. Austin Aries vs. Eric Young vs. Gunner vs. Magnus vs. James Storm vs. Bobby Roode. Good match with a lot of brawling in cage. Young and Roode both climbed over at same time and landed at same time on the story, although in reality Young easily won. The referees argued over who won so it was left in controversy.

*Last Woman Standing: Gail Kim beat Angelina Love. A cookie sheet was used and they brawled around ringside. Kim was slammed face first into the ring steps after Velvet Sky interfered. Kim came back with the ringpost figure four but Sky kicked her in the face. Kim went to use a chair on the ramp but Love killed her with a Yakuza Kick. They battled back into the ring and on the top rope. Kim gave her a Samoan drop off the top onto a chair. Love was counted out.

*The debuting Yoshihiro Tajiri pinned Robbie E.

*Kurt Angle cut a promo in the balcony welcoming everyone to TNA and said he put together a show that won’t disappoint. He said that due to a photo finish, there is no number one contender yet but once he sits down with Bobby Roode and Eric Young to hash it out, they will have an announcement. MVP, Bobby Lashley and Kenny King came to the ring. MVP said he has lost so much respect for Angle for his pandering to all the NYC losers. MVP began ripping on NYC for having no class or dignity. He said if anyone wants to act tough, he can call the NYPD to give out chokeholds. He declared Lashley the King of NYC. Out came Tommy Dreamer who cut a promo on each of them. They cut Dreamer off and beat him down and tossed him out of the ring. Dreamer pulled out a Singapore Cane and returned to the ring. Angle declared they would have a NYC Streetfight.

*Dreamer vs. Lashley. Lashley controlled Dreamer who made a comeback with weapons shots. Lashley cut him off with a belly to belly onto the ramp with Dreamer landing roughly on the corner. Lashley trashed Dreamer on the floor then continued in the ring. Kenny King nailed Dreamer and held him for a spear but Dreamer moved and Kong was knocked off the apron. Dreamer creamed Lashley with some trash can shots and a DDT for a two count. He was caught coming off the ropes and speared for the pin.

*Low Ki & Crazzy Steve & Tigre Uno defeated Homicide & Manik & Homicide. Good athletic six man tag. Ki pinned Manik with the Ki Krusher.

*Rhino beat EC3. By DQ when he nailed a Rhino with a chair. EC3 left him laying.

*Kurt Angle came out to introduce Chris Melendez. They brought out Team 3D and Mr. Anderson to welcome him. Melendez came it in his army uniform. Angle cut a promo and said that his Gold Medal pales in comparison to what Melendez did for his company. Anderson and 3D cut promos putting him over. They built up Melendez in a big way.

*Team 3D vs. The Wolves vs. The Hardys. They announced this as match one of a series. Great match with tons of hghspots and good athletic wrestling. Lots of great near falls with The Wolves and The Hardys after a nice series of dives. Team 3D wins with 3D on Eddie Edwards. For winning, they got to name the next stipulation, which was a Table Match. That will be tomorrow at the TV tapings. Great stuff.

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