*SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT Results For 7/17


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Kurt Angle cut a promo saying TNA has brought back the Six Sided ring to come back to their roots. He said It made them different as did talents like AJ Stkes, The Motor City Machineguns and Jerry Lynn. He said along the way they made mistakes and tonight they are here in NYC to reboot TNA. He said it all begins tonight.

Angle introduced Taz who got a huge pop and an ECW chant. Taz cut a great promo about how important wrestling is and said he was part of the most important revolution in wrestling history. He said the locker room tonight has the same look as ECW did back in the day. He promised we were gonna see some different stuff tonight. He then did his old catchphrases.

EC3 vs. Tommy Dreamer: Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray came out. Bully put over NYC and said he made a guarantee that Dixie Carter was going through a table. Dreamer cut a promo saying this was the new Madhouse of Extreme and that the fans were the biggest part of the changes. EC3 and a Rhino came out. Carter said they weren’t going to put Dixie through anything. Dreamer said this isn’t a PG show and he wants to see less talking and more action. They started brawling. They ring the bell. They had a good match. Carter got the pin on Dreamer while hooking the tights.

X-Division championship Gauntlet: Champion Austin Aries vs. Eddie Edwards. The crowd chanted ROH at the bell. Manik was third in. Next out was Davey Richards. Sixth was DJ Zema Ion. Ion and Manik went over the ropes during a leaping Rama and we’re eliminated. Next out was Tigre Uno. Crazzy Steve was next. Sanada was next. It came down to Senada vs. Aries at the end. Aries gt the pin with a brain buster in a really good match. Final minutes were excellent.

MVP cut a promo saying he was wrestling tonight under protest. He crapped on NYC and said Kurt Angle is doing the same things fans complained about him for doing so they are hypocrites. MVP and Kenny King vs. Eric Young and Roode. MVP was DQ’d for using the crutch. He and King beat them with crutches.

Madison Rayne vs. Brittany: In a No DQ, no Countout match, Madison Rayne pinned Brittany. They worked hard but crowd wasn’t getting behind it and did dumb chants.

Bobby Lashley vs. Jeff Hardy: Bobby Lashley pinned Jeff Hardy after a spear. Lashley was put on the steps outside and Hardy came off the top but missed and crashed into the steps. Insane spot. Good match.

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