*SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT Results For 7/24

Credit: Pwinsider.com

Dixie Carter, Rhino, Spud and EC3 came out for a promo. Carter ripped on NYC fans. She mocked Tommy Dreamer’s promo a few weeks ago and ripped on Bully Ray. She said she should be called the Hardcore Star for putting Ray through tables. Ray and Dreamer came out with a table. They brawled with EC3 and Rhino. They were left with Dixie and went to put her through but her minions saved her. Devon hit the scene and attacked EC3. He and Ray did the wazzup Headbutt on him. They gave him 3D through the table.

Xplosion: TNA Knockouts champ Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky. Sky wins with sunset flip.

Low Ki vs. Zema Ion: Low Ki returned and beat DJ Zema Ion with the Ki Krusher. NYC was happy to see him.

The Great Muta defeated Robbie E. James Storm came out and cut a promo on another old guy coming here at the expense of someone who broke his back to make this company. Storm attacked Muta. Sanada ran out and Storm backed off but Sanada attacked Muta with a chair and nailed him with a moonsault. This was Muta’s NYC debut.

Jeff Hardy came out for a promo. He was limping. He said The people and Kurt Angle wanted him back and Willow listened, he said it wasn’t the last of Willow and he will do everything he can to entertain the people. He said he was here to talk about the future and brought out Matt Hardy. Matt cut a promo saying he had to go away to get himself healthy physically, mentally and emotionally and did that but feels that he let Jeff and the fans down.He said he said his apologies and now it’s time to let actions speak and it’s time to become the TNA tag team champions. They challenged The a Wolves to a match at Destination X. The Wolves came down to the ring and accepted.

Kurt Angle brought out Austin Aries to see if he would relinquish the X-Division title for a title shot against Bobby Lashley. Before Aries could decide, out came Lashley and MVP. MVP cut a promo. Aries told him to get to the point. Aries cut a good promo on MVP and said he’s got unfinished business with the TNA title. Aries handed the title over. Aries vs. Lashley at Destination X. MVP and Lashley told him he made the biggest mistake if his life.

Dixie Carter was in the balcony with King Mo. She cut a promo on Dreamer.

NYC Streetfight: EC3. & Spud & Rhino vs. Team 3d & Tommy Dreamer. Lots of plunder. Devon was attacked by guy in sweatshirt who was Snitsky. Atlas tackled him. Bubba went to tend to Devon. Dreamer killed Spud with pile driver and worked over EC3 but was attacked by Ezekiel Jackson from crowd. Dreamer was pinned. Dixie’s forces beat down Dreamer and 3D.

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