**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Results (Two Weeks)

Credit: Billy Krotchsen and Pwinsider.com

Madison Rayne beat Velvet Sky in a non-title Street Fight.

Willow beat Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud in a handicap match. They attacked Willow after the match until Kurt Angle made the save to a big pop.

Angle cut a promo and said he’s back. Angle says he’s not done until he’s taken out on a stretcher or put in a body bag.

Kenny King comes out and cuts a promo about how good he is. He’s going to commentate the next match.

Tigre Uno defeated Sanada in the second match of their best of three series.

TNA champion Eric Young comes to the ring to celebrate his title win but Dixie Carter comes out. She tries to get him to come to her side but he tells her she doesn’t have power anymore. She says TNA is still her company and if he doesn’t work with her, ODB could be fired. Out comes Bully Ray. He puts over Young and gets the crowd to sing “Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye” to Dixie.

The Wolves defeated TNA Tag Team champions The Bro-Mans by DQ.

Bobby Roode, claiming he is the new master of the Tables Match, defeated Gunner in one after James Storm interfered. Bully made the save.

MVP cuts a promo and says no one has heard from Samoa Joe. Austin Aries comes out and confronts MVP to set up a match.

TNA champ Eric Young defeated Abyss in a Monster’s Ball Match.

Magnus cut a promo saying he never really lost the TNA title. He blames Abyss and fires him. Abyss declares he is going to destroy Magnus and Magnus says he can’t, because he was under contract to him and not TNA. MVP comes out and says that is Abyss can beat him next week, he’ll sign Abyss to a contract.

Bobby Lashley defeated Kenny King via count out when King walked off.

Madison Rayne called out The Beautiful People. They beat her down. Gail Kim makes the save. It’s like the last few years of Knockout storylines never happened.

Kurt Angle defeated Rockstar Spud. Angle gets the win via ankle lock. Ethan Carter III attacked Angle but Willow made the save.

The Beautiful People defeated Madison Rayne & Gail Kim.

The reunited Beer Money defeated Bully Ray & Gunner.

MVP defeated Austin Aries.

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  • Kinzu

    “If you want to beat your competitor, don’t try and be better than them…try and be different from them…”

    “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” – Steve Jobs

    I think TNA could learn a lot from those two quotes.

    • Mike Arienti

      Tough for TNA to be different when WWE’s model makes money.

      • Kinzu

        Thing is TNA use to be different and that’s what got them noticed and got them on TV. Over the last few years though they have abandoned everything that was different and become a cheap knockoff.

        They don’t have the money to be competitive on the WWE’s level. When they had the 6-sided ring and a bigger focus on smaller, faster paced wrestling, and real women’s wrestling they stood out. They were different and offered fans matches they could not see on WWE TV very often.

        Now though they are just a sad imitation of their competitor. They are not going to get viewers to go up by being a 3rd rate WWE show. NXT right now is more entertaining.