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Star Destroyer Biff Busick: Discussing Early Career, Beyond Wrestling and CZW


Biff BusickPro Wrestling Smark Talk had the honor and privilege to speak with Biff Busick to discuss briefly the early years of his wrestling career, discuss this past weekends Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 2 event, and finally discuss Combat Zone Wrestling’s Cage of Death XV.

1). Biff, who did you to get involved with the wrestling industry? Describe your experience being trained by WWE/ECW/WCW Legend Lance Storm

Biff Busick: “ I  started receiving my training by attending the Killer Kowalski Wrestling Academy, which  now been transform into The New England Pro Wrestling Academy which is operated by Brian Fury, after my tenure I travel to Calgary, Canada with a friend; it was a 47 hour drive to Calgary, Canada. I attended the Lance Storm Wrestling Academy, the classes were 5 days of week 6 to 7 hours of training a day. Lance Storm was very interactive, consistently in the ring with the trainees showing the basics and receiving honest immediate feedback. Lance Storm is indeed one of the best wrestlers in North American, they’re not enough adjectives to describe Lance Storms”.

2). Biff whom was the toughest opponent you ever faced so far?

Biff Busick: “It’s a tied with two opponents I have to say Drew Gulak and Eddie Edwards. Drew Gulak a straight up and down in ring technician. Drew Gulak is a good friend, were like brothers who go around the neighborhood and kick the crap of children. Eddie Edwards, we wrestled four times and had some memorable matches especially our most recent match at Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 2. Eddie Edwards always brought out the best in Biff Busick”.

3). Biff, describe to our Pro Wrestling Smark Talk readers the incredible 60 Minute Ironman Match between yourself and Eddie Edwards. Biff do you think Eddie Edwards is heading the WWE?

Biff Busick: “It was tough, just competing in a wrestling match is extremely tough, because 20 minutes feels like a long time, now competing 60 minutes is simply crazy. Physically, I was exhausted, people do not realize or know that professional wrestling more than just hitting the rope and taking ring bumps; it’s physically and mentally demanding. After completing in the 60 Minute Ironman Match I felt a great deal of satisfaction, Eddie and I produce an awesome match which was obviously receive well by our fans in attendance. I was thankful the match was over and we put on a great performance”.Biff vs Eddie 2

Biff Busick: “Eddie Edwards is truly one of the best wrestlers in the business and I’m extremely confident everything will go well in World Wrestling Entertainment, simply because Eddie is a truly professional and great talent”.

4). Biff, what’s your thoughts on the Beyond Wrestling Tournament for Tomorrow 2. Also did Beyond Wrestling fans appreciate the women whom competed in the Tournament for Tomorrow 2? Which female wrestler gave the best performance in the tournament?

Biff Busick: “The Tournament for Tomorrow 2 itself was awesome. The Tournament gave up and coming wrestlers the opportunity to receive exposure. Beyond Wrestling has done a tremendous job creating this concept to grant those wrestlers that much need exposure. The women participates added a different element to the tournament showcasing their ability and toughness. Candice LeRae and Alexis Nevaeh gave a great showing in the tournament, very impress with their in ring capabilities. Candice LeRae really stood out in the first round of the tournament and during her WSU Showcase Match. Alexis Nevaeh had a good showing as well, she’s from the New England Area and performance stood out in my mind.   Beyond Wrestling is like a variety show it produces different forms of entertainment which satisfies all wrestling fans”.

5). Biff you being teaming with CZW Owner DJ Hyde, and Sozio in an Inter-Gender 6 Person Tag Team Match against OI4K (Jake, Dave, and Nevaeh Crist) please give us some background history surrounding this match. What match your looking forward to personally @ CZW Cage of Death XV?

Biff Busick: “Well, Irish Airborne (Dave and Jake Crist) been having problems with CZW Owner DJ Hyde since the days of Sami Calliham. DJ Hyde hired myself and Sozio as his hired guns to fight off Irish Airborne and Nevaeh Crist (O14K).

Biff Busick: “I really looking forward to seeing Drew Gulak vs. Chris Hero for CZW World Heavyweight Championship, it’s going to be a tremendous match. Some people may not know, Drew Gulak was trained by Chris Hero, so there’s definitely some history, a classic “Teacher vs. Student” type of dynamic”.

6). Biff, what you think of Chris Hero’s return to Indy Wrestling so far? Do you think Chris Hero has what it take to defeat Drew Gulak for CZW World Championship?

Biff Busick: “Chris Hero’s return been great, he’s an incredible wrestler. I actually never had the pleasure of seeing perform live. I hope he does not defeat Drew Gulak for CZW World Heavyweight Championship, I have a huge score to settle with Drew Gulak and I want to be the once to defeat Drew Gulak for the championship”.

7). Biff you have couple of events coming up later this month 11/24 Boonton, NJ vs. Drew Gulak vs. Green Ant – Wrestling is Respect and 11/28 Fall River, Ma- Kowalski Cup Tournament – Top Rope Promotions; tell PWSmarkTalk a little bit about both events.

Biff Busick: “The Wrestling for Respect event will be an incredible, and my triple threat match with Drew Gulak and Green Ant will be unbelievable. The Tope Rope Promotion event is the Killer Kowalski 8th Annual Kowalski Cup which is a one night single elimination tournament which pays respect to WWE Hall of Famer Killer Kowalski.  I’m a participate in the tournament along with AJ Cruise, Jimmy Preston, Wildman Kongo, Sam Shields and others it’s on Thanksgiving Night so after you eat your Thanksgiving Dinner come out to Pal Hall, 31 Franklin Street, Fall River, MA starts @ 7pm.

Special Note: “As of 11/23/2013 according to Indy Power Rankings (@indypowerrankin) the Wrestling for Respect match involving Biff Busick vs. Green Ant vs. Drew Gulak has been change due to Biff Busick unable to attend the event. The match been change to Green Ant and mystery partner vs. Drew Gulak and mystery partner”.

8). Biff what do you do on your down time outside of professional wrestling?  Biff what should professional wrestling fans expect from Biff Busick in 2014?

Biff Busick: “On my down time, I just started a podcast called “Biff & Ted: Excellent Podcast Adventures” (@biffandted) episodes are available on Podbean and ITunes.  Indy Wrestling fans will be expecting Biff Busick to give a 100%, train hard, entertain the fans and remind humble and bless to be in this business”.

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